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Throwing A Castnet

Author: Arvids Gerulis

How To Throw A Casting Net 

Throwing a castnet is one of the most efficient and fastest way of catching bait. But also it can be a challenge on how to load the net and properly throw it to get that pancake shape we all want. The method I use is for nets 8 foot or larger and will help you get more bait.

5 Steps To Throw A Cast Net

1)  Coil the rope in your hand until you get to the ring of the net. 

2)  Grab the net about waist down and coil it into the same hand with the rope coils. If you have a larger net you will have 2 coils of the net instead of 1 depending on size.

3) Grab about 1/3 of the net and toss it over your shoulder that and let it sit there. You will notice 2 lines of lead dropping down and you will need to grab the lead line away from that shoulder and put it over your thumb in the hand that has the rope coils. 

4) Put another third of the remaining portion of net over your other shoulder and let it slide off into your empty hand. With that hand you will also grab the lead line over your thumb and pinch it with your index and thumb finger and hold it. 

The end result should be a portion of net over your shoulder, another portion in your hand while pinching lead line, and the remaining net portion hanging down. 

5) Before you throw the net it is important to build momentum by rocking the net back and forward as if you were about to throw it. Once you build momentum throw the net and the first thing that should come off is the portion over your shoulder and lastly let go of the lead line you were pinching. The result should be a pancake shape throw and hopefully live wells blacked out with bait for a good day of fishing.


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