How To:

Threading Shark Baits

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Rigging shark baits:

As a land based shark fishermen I had to find ways to rig baits and from the knowledge that I have gained from fellow anglers and tackle shops the best ways is threading baits with a bait needle.

Most times when threading the baits you are running the cable and hooks through the inside of the bait of choice with allows the tip of hook to be exposed and allows better hookups.

Like my stingray I started at the bottom of the ray and rand the bait needle under the skin then popped it out the top of the head and another on the wing of the ray.

Plus side of threading a bait it allows you to run multiple hooks on one big bait or a couple on a smaller bait of choice.

Why thread the baits with bait needle? Well I’ve always been told that when big sharks pick up baits and they feel the cable or the metal on there teeth they tend to drop the baits and not commit to it because its doesn’t feel natural. So when running the metal cable and using coated cable it helps make the bait feel natural and looks more presentable.

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