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There Is NO Such Thing As A TRASH Fish!!!!!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Busting Trash Fish Myths!

Can You Eat Blue Runner?

What's up Guys, Viktor of Landshark Fishing here. Now you are probably wondering what the heck the title or purpose of this video is. Well, there is a huge misconception these days, especially in the western world, that certain fish are Trash. People go as far to say that certain fish aren't edible....

Not only is this misinformation, but a part of our culture that NEEDS to change!! I'll say it once and I'll say it again "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TRASH FISH"

The video featured above, is of a catch and Cook I did on my youtube channel, where I caught several large blue runners offshore whole vertical jigging. I also caught a porgy as seen in the video. Now, down here in SE Florida I'd say 90% of people would tell you that blue runner like many other fish is not only bad tasting, but un edible. Now when I say Un- Edible, I do not mean it will poison you or make your limbs fall off, I'm talking purely in the sense of taste. The majority of people who claim these fish to be un edible, are generally the people who like bland not fishy fish, with very little flavor. I always thought people liked fish, bc they liked the taste of fish, well nowadays it is customary that "Good Quality" fish be as least fishy as possible. 

So how did the blue runner taste you ask? Well let me start out by saying the flesh of the fish was rather dark, bloody and had a huge bloodline, something that would make most people shy away. As far as actual taste was concerned, the fish was great Not, just good or ehhhh, it was genuinely very good and the texture really set it apart. It was not mushy, but rather a nice balance of firm yet slightly flaky fish fillets. The fish was eaten fresh the next day and iced immediately after, but most seafood should be regardless. 

The point I'm trying to drive across in this article, is for you test common theory and try things out for yourself. For years I had been told to never eat blue runner  and to use it as bait only. This HAS to STOP, too many people these days go by common practice and are afraid to challenge the status quo.

Next time you are about to throw that so called TRASH FISH out, try it for yourself and be the one to determine where it belongs. 

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