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Author: Blake Thompson

Don't Forget To Use Your Intuition When Fishing

Fishing The Catch A Dream Bass Tournament

There is one thing I always make sure I have in my arsenal of tackle and that is inner confidence.  As anglers, I feel that we forget about confidence and fish based on others judgement or reports.  During a tough day, our weaknesses tend to show up and we get spun out.  If we all fall back on out inner confidence, not only are we doing ourselves a favor but also the people around us. 

Catch A Dream Bass Tournament

 Young angler especially get caught up in the latest fads of fishing and fail to just go out and have fun and rely in your gut instincts, myself included.  When this happens I fall back on whet my father taught me growing up.  He said if you put in the work, have determination, and rely on your  inner confidence then you can succeed at whatever you put your mind to.  I stress one thing to all anglers is let inner confidence be like your American Express card, never leave home without it.

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