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The Truth! Mono Vs Braided Fishing Line!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Monofilament vs Braided Fishing Lines!

The age old question that has stressed every angler at one point or another. 

Mono Vs.  Braid (Stretch)

Braided fishing lines do not stretch nearly to the degree that mono does. Some applications where this is clear winner would be any time you need to fish deep, in current or are using artificial lures. Monos stretch is good for trolling, and other areas where you need some sort of shock protection. 

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Mono Vs. Braid (Diameter)

Braid is thinner and thus results in greater line capacities! So 40lb mono is a lot thicker in diameter than 40lb braid.

(See Monofilament Vs. Braid Diameter Charts On

Monofilament Vs. Braid Diameter Charts

Mono Vs. Braid (Abrasion Resistance)

Mono is better for abrasion resistance! If you are fishing in applications such as wrecks, or piers you will need to fish mono to some degree to help in the rough and abrasive nature of the structure you are fishing around. Mono has give when it rubs on structure whereas braided fishing lines are very weak.

Monofilament Has Better Abrasion Resistance Than Braid

Mono Vs. Braid (Other Considerations)

Braid cuts through water and wind better. Given its thin diameter and profile , braid cuts through the water more effectively and through the wind as well. Making its beneficial in areas of current, deep water or on elevated structure such piers where you need to cast far. It also can cast a lot further than mono.

Those are just some of the points I will discuss in this article, the rest of them can be seen in the video above. 

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