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The SECRET! Bait And Tackle Shops WONT Teach You! How To Catch Ballyhoo!!!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

How To Catch Ballyhoo Yourself

Whats up guys, Viktor here from Landshark Fishing and today I want to discuss an often overlooked topic, which is Ballyhoo. Now everyone knows ballyhoo as the bait that most people troll, in much of the world actually and has probably caught more dolphin (Mahi-Mahi- Mahi-Mahi) than any other bait in the world. Ballyhoo make great baits both live and dead and have so many uses. From chum, to snapper, trolling and even live bait while drifting. Ballyhoo deserve a spot in any offshore anglers arsenal. 

(Check out this article to learn how to rig ballyhoo for trolling)

I'm sure you have probably bought ballyhoo in a a store before and we both know how costly that can be! Well, in this article and the following video above I teach you how catch your own ballyhoo and never have to buy them ever again! 

#1 Let's start with the materials you will need.

A castnet in the 8-12ft range with 3/8 in mesh - 3/4 inch mesh will work, a 1 inch mesh net may result in a lot of gilled or escaped ballyhoo.

 You can also rod and reel, for these guys with a light spinning rod, cut up squid and long shank size #4 hooks or smaller. 

CHUM, you will need chum and a chum bag to attract the ballyhoo. 

#2 Location

 When targeting ballyhoo you will need to be anchored along a reef line, wreck, patch reef or some type of contour that is holding ballyhoo. You can usually count on most reef lines on the eat coast to hold ballyhoo all the way down to the keys. 

#4 Setup:

Ideally you want good heavy flowing current to create a nice chum slick.

#5 Time to catch:

With your chumbag in the water, wait for the ballyhoo to come closer and closer to the transom of the boat, till they are in netting distance. If you are rod and reeling it doesn't matter, just drift back your hook and bait, on a bobber. 

A lot of little tips and tricks can be found by watching the video. 

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