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The Right Fishing Gear

Author: L&H Sportfishing

We Fish Top Quality Gear Only 

L&H Sportfishing
Over the years the L&H has become an iconic boat in the Miami fishing fleet

The fishing gear on the L&H is top quality, only the best for us. From the smallest item of terminal tackle to a giant 130 pound rod and reel we use for swordfish and giant tuna, our team takes great pride in the gear we use! With over fifty rods and reels on the boat ranging from 2lb to 130lb you can rest assured we will be ready for any situation that arises. 

We regularly bring our family aboard in days between charters, Fishing has been in our family's blood for several generations

Custom Rods

All of the rods on the L&H are custom made by Leeward Rod Company! These are the best rods available and are hand crafted using the latest technology. We are proud to use fin-nor reels and they have been very good and reliable the past few seasons. Ranging from the smallest spinning reel to the largest conventional, these reels are built and perform well. 

My daughter Laurel has been fishing on this boat since she was a kid, and has grown to be quite the fisher women #GirlsWhoFish

We Use Bullbuster Fishing Lines Exclusively

The line on the reel is the only thing connecting you and the fish and it is for that very reason that the L&H uses Bullbuster Fishing Lines exclusively!!! Whether it is braid, fluoro or premium mono, it is the only fishing line we use and are confident that it will hold up in the fight of your life! 

My son James also grew up fishing on the L&H and now is travelling the world in search of Big Game #BigGameFishing


Our gaffs and tag sticks are all made by Aftco! From the smallest straight gaff, to the largest flying gaff, when that trophy is boatside, you can count on an aftco gaff to finish the job! 

Hooks/Terminal Tackle

We use mustad and owner hooks and top quality spro, and American Fishing terminal tackle

Pushing The Edge On The Latest Techniques

The crew is ahead of the curve when it comes to dredge fishing and we are constantly updating and changing our dredges and teasers to keep up with the times. Friends from all over the world work with us to keep us in the know about new products coming out from vertical jigs to trolling lures! We even have a few “secret lures” from Hawaii that will often trigger a strike when nothing else will! 

On the L&H we take pride in our fishing gear from all ends of the spectrum! One can rest assure, when fishing on Miami’s Best Charter Boat, the gear you are using will be top quality and help you land that fish of a lifetime!

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We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. It's our mission to help you spend more time fishing. 

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