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The Quest For A Giant Snook

Author: Arvids Gerulis

Catching a Giant Snook over 40" is my favorite type of fishing and my favorite fish to target during the summer time. When targeting these Magnificent Giants it is important to use the right tackle, baits, and the right time to catch a Giant.

My Favorite time to catch a Giant Snook is during the morning hours or the night time. I like to fish the beggining of the Incoming tide or the beggining of the Outgoing tide.

The Tackle I like to use depends on the type of fishing you are doing. If you are fishing near bridges, piers, or docks beef up your tackle. I like to use 60lb Bullbuster Flourocarbon or Monofilament leader matched with a circle hook. If fishing the beach, I like to use light tackle which is more fun with 50lb Flourocarbon leader.

My favorite Baits to use is a big live bait. I like to use either a large greenback, a ladyfish, Croaker's, Pigfish etc.. Any Big live bait you can get a snook will eat.

During the summer, the snook are spawning and are hungry. These fish are going to be along the beaches and jettys or inside the passes. Cetain moon phases such as the full moon create stronger tides which trigger these fish to get ready to spawn. Hopefully these tips can help you to catch a Giant.

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