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Author: Capt. Brandon Jacobson

Charter Captains Have A Responsibility To Show Youth The Value Of The Outdoors

I'm very fortunate to be able to spend time on the water with my clients. Some of the most rewarding days are the one's spent with young fishermen just getting into the sport and spending quality time with their families. Given the times we live in where much of our young generation is being raised with a tablet or phone in hand it's nice to unplug for a day or even a few hours and get back to nature and experience the fun and relaxation of being on the water with a screaming fishing rod in their hands with the adrenaline filled rush and anticipation of what is on the other end of your fishing line. 

There is nothing wrong with the mobile technology we all rely on these days it helps our businesses, schools, and even our vessels to get from point A to point B safely along with mobile radar apps to keep an eye on the ever changing weather. As charter Captains we are constantly trying to keep up with the latest advancements of technology in tackle, Bullbuster fluorocarbon fishing line, speed & temp. probes, and fish locators to help us locate and catch the ever elusive trophy fish. It's up to us as adults to be Ambassadors of the sport to connect our youth with nature by using the tools of the information age we live in to get the next generation of outdoorsmen ready for the generations to follow.

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