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The Function Of A Leader Material

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Why Do Fishermen Use Leader Material?

Monofilament Leader Material

The reason most fishermen use leader material falls under two categories. The first category is to protect your line from the fishes mouth and body, and the second category is to to make your line less see through in order to trick the fish. 

1) Using Leader Material To Protect The Your Line Against The Fishes Mouth & Body

Leader material can be used to protect your line against the fish. When you do this you will use a thicker fishing line then your mainline.  This provides extra protection against chaffing that may be caused by a fishes rough mouth, body, or sharp teeth. In this 

2) Using Leader Material To Make Your Line More See Through & Trick The Fish

Using leader to make your line more see through is another use of leader material. In this case you may want to choose a more see through line such as fluorocarbon fishing line if you are using monofilament fishing line, or monofilament fishing line if you are using braided fishing line. 

Three Types Of Leader Material

1) Monofilament  Leader Material Coils 

If you are going to buy heavy monofilament fishing line, this will usually come in the form of a coil.  

100 Yard Coils Of Monofilament Leader Material

200 Yard Coils Of Monofilament Leader Material

2) Monofilament Leader Material Spools 

Monofilament Leader Material

Lighter monofilament will often come on a spool.  Below is our catalog of monofilament leader material. 

75 Yard Spools Of Monofilament Leader Material

3) Fluorocarbon Leader Material

Fluorocarbon Leader Material

Fluorocarbon leader material is a type of leader material that is more dense than monofilament leader material, this makes it more see through as well as more abrasion resistant. 

50 Yard Spools Of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

500 Yard Spools Of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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