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Texas Surf - Cast Out Shark Leaders

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Surf Casting For Sharks - Cast Out Shark Leaders

Texas Shark Fishing

These leaders I specifically use to cast off the piers, jetties and surf for the larger fish and always prepared for the toothy creatures.

1.300lb monofilament(1.9mm double barrel crimps)

2.250lb coated cable (1.3mm double barrel crimps)

3.150lb swivels

4.100lbsnap swivels

5.10/0 circle hooks

Step By Step Guide To Make Shark Leaders For Casting

First: We start off with 4ft of 300lb with a different twist on placement of snap swivels and main line swivel. My snap swivel goes at the top of the leaders, which puts my main line swivel on the mono sliding up and down. This allows me to cast a longer leader with in the water neck deep.

Texas Shark Leaders

Second: I add my beads, main line swivel, single barrel crimp and bottom swivel. Single barrel crimp is to help stop the mainline swivel from reaching the bait side and allows me to make the leader half its size.

Texas Shark Leaders

Third: I start the wire portion with 2-3ft of 250lb coated cable (this portion is shorter than the monofilament because this is where the hook is and the sharpest part of the shark is its teeth and it’s a little harder for them to bit threw the cable.)

Texas Surf Casting Shark Leader

Fourth: adding the hook of choice to the wire, in my case a 10/0 Cirlce hook.

Texas Surf Casting Shark Leader

This leaders acts like a pulley system.

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