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Texas Shark Fishing - Shark Setups

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Shark Fishing Tackle

Many people often say that fishermen have way to many fishing poles and tackle and that there is no need for all that but as a fishermen I am here to say they are wrong. We as fishermen have different rods and reels for different occasions likes some for the rivers and lake you need some for catfish, pinfish and bass and other smaller species then when you get to the ocean you need a combo specifically for reds, trout, founder, snapper, and every other species of fish in the ocean.

Landbased Shark Fishing Gear

When targeting a specific species it is great to do your homework and be prepared for catching that species and having the right set up.  We fishermen don’t like to have an over all fishing combo for everything because we like having it all.

Like me when shark fishing I bought myself a couple Penn Internationals II 50w’s and some Fishing Tackle Unlimited 80-130lb class 10ft rods.

Texas Shark Fishing Reels

Why, well because I am a land based fishermen and I like having the line capacity so I can put 1300 yards of 100lb braid and a nice top shot of 125lb monofilament. So when kayaking the bait out 500 yards I still have plenty of line to fight the fish.

The comes the smaller combos like my Penn senator 4/0 6/0 and 6/0 wide and Avet HXW which have 600 yards of braid (40-60lb) and 200 yard top shots (50-80lb) for shorter drops on 10ft uglysticks.

Texas Landbased Shark Fishing

To me its better to be prepared for what you are fishing for then to be unprepared and mad when you loose a fish or it dies because you were fighting it to long because you had minimum drag. As a fisherman it is better to educate yourself for better hook ups and landing success. Makes for awesome stories and great memories when you lay your hands on a beast and you can say you caught it with your leaders, weights, bait and rods and reel. It’s the best feeling.

Texas Landbased Shark Fishing Reels

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