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Tarpon Fishing For The Pier Angler

Author: Connor Jeffries

Florida Pier Tarpon Fishing (Late Spring/ Early Summer)

Bullbuster Ambassador and marine artist Alex Wexler with a nice Tarpon on Bullbuster Mono

This is about the time of year the tarpon start rolling in. Tarpon are the most powerful fish you will hook on a pier besides sharks. It's a good hour and a half fight of long runs on locked down drag. Tarpon are sometimes caught on live bait, but, usually they are fished for with swimbaits which resemble a mullet which is their favorite choice of food. 

Tarpon can be found in the inshore waters but only the small ones. The big ones usually roll in pods at about 20-30 feet of water in the ocean. Tarpon have large scales which you are allowed to take one from them.

Tarpon is a HIGHLY prohibited fish and is not allowed to be taken out of the water. You can purchase 1 tag every year to harvest a tarpon only if it is a potential I.G.F.A. World Record. They are known for being very acrobatic fish because when they are hooked they jump a ton of times to get unhooked. 

Tarpon travel in pods, in each pod there are 2 groups, the group on top, and the group on bottom. The group on top is the part that you see rolling likes whales do. Ever few seconds, they switch places and you will see them disappear for a short moment. An average tarpon is about 100-130 pounds. On the pier, they are usually popped off once brought up to the pier, but some anglers, like me, take them to the beach for a picture and to get our swimbait back. I use Bullbuster 80lb Monofilament, when fishing for Tarpon

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