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Targeting Tarpon In Tampa: The Big 3!

Author: Evan Soudijn

3 Tips To Catch More Tarpon In Tampa

The tarpon, one of Florida's most sought after sport fish, can be often times difficult to catch or even get a bite. When targeting tarpon off the waters of Tampa Bay and Anna Maria, I like to focus on 3 points. These 3 points consist of using the right equipment, using the right baits, and presenting your baits properly. When targeting tarpon use these 3 points to help increase your odds of catching a tarpon. 

Florida Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon Tip #1 - What Tackle Should You Use For Tarpon Fishing

Using the right equipment is a vital factor when targeting the tarpon. Personally, I have narrowed my equipment down when targeting the migration schools of tarpon off the Gulf Coast. These tarpon typically range from 50-180 pounds. I have found that using an 8 foot 30 pound outfit paired with reels ranging in size from 8000 to 10000 have worked the best. I spool these outfits with 50 pound Bullbuster braid. I have also had the best success using 60 pound test Bullbuster fluorocarbon leader. The hooks that have given me the best catch and release ratios are circle hooks that are 5/0 in the mutu style. Using the right equipment will help you increase the odds of landing a tarpon.

Tarpon Fishing Tips

Tarpon Tip # 2 - Choosing The Right Bait For Tarpon Fishing In Tampa Bay

Secondly, using the right bait is a crucial factor when fishing for tarpon. Tarpon are known for eating a wide variety of baits. When I am fishing off the waters of Tampa Bay, I have had the most bites on thread- fins. I like to use thread-fins when I am fishing in the passes or fishing off the beach. Depending on what the fish are doing really will tell me what to use. I like to use pass crabs if the tarpon are consistently rolling. When I am fishing the bridges for tarpon I like to use a large pinfish or a large pilchard. Although tarpon may be hesitant at what you will use for bait, do not be afraid to try different baits while fishing for them.

Tarpon Jumping In Florida

Tarpon Tip #3 - Presenting Your Baits For Tarpon In Tampa

Lastly, presentation is key. Presenting your baits in a stealthy manner will increase the odds of getting a bite. Presenting your baits may seem hard at times, but set up your positioning of your baits to the fish in a natural way. If you are fishing areas with high currents, drift back your baits to the fish so they have the highest chance of eating your bait. Finding the right way to present your bait will result in the odds of hooking your next tarpon.

Tarpon Lands Jump

Given these points, following these 3 steps can increase your likelihood of hooking or catching your next tarpon. Using the right equipment, using the right baits, and presenting your baits properly will increase the chances of you catching your next tarpon.

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