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Targeting Red Snapper In The Gulf Of Mexico

Author: David Wood

Catching Gulf Red Snapper From A Kayak

There’s tons of ways to target red snapperin the Gulf of Mexico so I’ll try to cover a few different ways that you can target them from a kayak. The same tactics will work on a boat as well. 

Red Snapper coordinates are like gold to fishermen and most will die before giving up their honey hole. 

So, let’s talk about where red snappers like to hang out at. They like structure i.e. reefs, hard bottom and hard structure. Here in Florida we are blessed to have tons of each and even more blessed to have them close to shore (2-3 miles). This makes it possible to land legal red snapper from a kayak. 

To find them you will have to do some researching online but more importantly you will have to put some work in! Red Snapper coordinates are like gold to fishermen and most will die before giving up their honey hole. 

Now to your gear and tackle. For my reel and rod setup I like to use a Seigler SG spooled with 30# to 40# bullbuster braid. For my rod I love use a Bull Bay Brute Force 20-40 medium heavy/Fast action rod. This has enough back bone to handle just about anything you throw at it. Trust me, I’ve tested this combo for the last two years and landed everything from red snappers to 7ft sharks with absolutely no issues. 

Rigging For Catching Red Snapper From A Kayak

The last thing is your leader. My go to leader material is 80# bullbuster mono line. There are 3 ways you can rig your leader up. 

1) Carolina rig setup with 6-8oz of lead weight with about 3ft of leader material and a owners 7/0 mutu light wire hook. 

2) The knocker rig where the weight can slide down to the hook. The amount of weight depends on how you’re trying to target the snapper. If they’re up in the water column or on top then use as little weight as possible.

3) The last up is called a chicken rig or a high/low rig. It’s basically a setup that’s 3-4ft long with two hooks on it with about 8-10oz of weight at the bottom. This setup is good for beginners.   

Learn how to make basic bottom fishing rigs with the best videos on the web!

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