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Taking Better Fishing Photos

Author: Bullbuster Team

5 Tips For Camera Equipment For Fishing

We put this article together for fishermen who are looking to invest in camera gear to take better fishing pictures.  In the old days it was all about what fish you had on the dock.  Nowadays many fishermen show off their released fish using social media such as instagram and facebook, youtube and by blogging on the bullbuster community (become a member). Photography is not rocket science at least for the photographer.  This is becoming more and more true as advance technologies make our cameras better and better! 

#1 Keep Your Camera Gear Safe

Fishing is not exactly a camera friendly enviroment.  If you are on land there is sand to worry about. Offshore there  salt water spray threatens to corrode your camera equipment. Since most of the best cameras are not water proof. If you are going to invest in a good camera you should also invest in some good camera protection. 

Below is a video of what one of these cases looks like and it explains every single feature.  The video was excellently put together by "AFK Technology"

This pelican case costs $59.99 which is a small investment to make to protect your camera gear that can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Many fishermen have been getting into filming with drones and have gotten some epic footage. Actually some people have been using their drones to do the actual fishing.   Most drones are not water proof. Even if they are most are not scratch proof.  Pelican makes cases for drones as well. 

This case for protecting your drone is a little bit more expensive than a case for a regular drone at $119.99, but HECK so is your drone!

# 2 Get A Water Proof Camera

You don't need a fancy DSLR camera to get awesome fishing pictures. Some anglers have found water proof cameras excellent to Take bother underwater pictures and videos.  Nowadays the newest smartphones are also waterproof.  There are excellent innovations for fishermen.  

Fujifilm makes an excellent waterproof camera for just $129.99.  Skip all of the equipment ^^^ and jump straight into the water with this thing.  below is a video posted by "Kevin Breeze that does a full review for this Camera: 

Fujifilm makes an excellent waterproof camera for just $129.99!

# 3 Ditch The Hunky DSLR Camera For An Excellent Point & Shoot

Ditch the hunky DSLR camera for an excellent point and shoot camera.  Nowadays these cameras can shoot both pictures and videos and you can stick them in your pocket.  

Sony makes an excellent camera with 18.2 megapixels and 30X zoom.   Below is a video review of this camera put together by "Gauging Gadgets".  We have rated this camera as the BEST CAMERA FOR YOUTUBERS & BLOGGERS

We have rated this camera as the best camera for fishing Youtubers + Bloggers

# 4 Use your Smartphone 

Nowadays smart phones are literally surpassing most cameras in their capabilities.  The latests Samsung phones and Iphones have insane picture taking abilities.  

With Apps Like Instagram You Have Photoshop Like Filters Already Built Into The App

Many photographers spend hours looking at lighting levels in photoshop to come up with the perfect look for your photo.  Now all you have to do is literally to scroll through filters. 

Some Phones Take 4K Video

The best phones out there are taking 4K video.  Yea they literally can take the best quality video that Youtube accepts.  Just good luck getting a file that large off of your phone. 

You Can Supe Up Your Phone To Act Like High Performing Camera Gear

Accessories like this 4 axis handle gimbal stabilizer can help you capture movie quality video with your phone.  Insane huh?  This thing is only $99!

Below is a video review put together by Youtuber "Curtis Judd".

This gimball literally turns your phone into a movie quality camera for only $99.00.

#5 Light It Up!

If you are fishing for fish at night.  If is often hard to get a good picture or video.  Light that sucker up!

Check out the lightpack! Below is a video posted by Youtuber "Indy Mogul" on the Sunpak. 

Light it up for only 15 bucks!

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