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Swordfish Tips From Linda Greenlaws "The Hungry Ocean"

Author: Bullbuster Team

"Read The Hungry Ocean, There Are Some Amazing Insights In There".

As a young man obsessed with Swordfishing, Bullbuster's founder asked world famous Cpt. Ray Rosher what tips he had for swordfishing.  Cpt. Ray responded with one sentence (Probably The Best Advice He could Have Given) .  He said : "Read The Hungry Ocean, There Are Some Amazing Insights In There".  It has taken us some time to get around to it, but we thought we would share those insights with you with some excerpts from the book:

On Squid:

"I had refused 12,000 pounds of squid because of its poor quality" [pg 9]

"The bait was gorgeous as any squid could be... about 10 inches from head to tail...neither washed out looking nor freezer burned" [pg 9]

"Small swordfish are not as finicky about what they eat as larger fish..better bait, betterfish." [pg 9]

On SlammerBaits:

"Slammer baits are a secret weapon used to attract swordfish to my gear... slammer baits are made by cutting slices from tube shaped Styrofoam pipe insulation and soaking the slices in cod-liver oil. The oily rings are then placed in Ziplock bags, where they resemble giant slices of black olives... slammers float up and down between the hook and the light." [pg 44]

On The Moon: 

"Usually the most productie nights are two and three days on either side of the full moon" [pg 12]

"Steaming & traveling should be during the darkest part of the lunar cycle" [pg 12]

Tackle List For A Trip:

1. Six Cases of 300Lb Monofilament Fishing Line (Leader Material).

2. Three 1-mile coils of700-pound test monofilament line (mainline)

3).Three thousand 7698B Mustad Hooks

4). Eight boxes of 1,000 ..crimps...appropriate for 300-pound-test mono)

5. Two hundred snaps with swivels...

6.Two 12-inch bastard files... 


11. Eight thousand chemical light sticks: 2,000 white, 2,000 blue, 2,000 green, 1,000 yellow, and 1,000 pink...

" [pg 31]



2. Sharpen all hooks

" [pg 41]

We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. It's our mission to help you spend more time fishing. 

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