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Swimbaits I Use For Bridge, Jetty And Pier Fishing

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo

My Favorite Lures For Fishing From Land

15 Years Of Swimbait Action!

Spooltek Lure
 The upgraded hook and the self deploying steel leader will help increase you hook up ratios.

The first lure I ever used, was a swimbait. 15 years ago I started to fish my local community pond and all I caught were bluegill and crappie. Don't get me wrong as a five year old catching bluegill and crappie was quite fun. One day my neighbor was fishing with some type of lure and he was catching largemouth bass. I approached him and asked what kind of lure he was using? He showed me the packaging and asked me if I wanted his last one. Of course being the excited little kid I was I took the package marked "Storm Swim Shad" and I took the lure out tied it on and started casting. On my second cast I hooked up to a nice little bass, around the 1 pound mark. After that swimbaits were a essential part of my tackle box.

"To me the spooltek is the ultimate swimbait for pier and jetty fishing. Yes they are a bit pricey. But you get what you pay for. "

Fast forward 15 years, The swimbait is one of the most productive lures in exsistence. I carry about 15-20 swimbaits with me per trip. 

My Favorite Swimbaits

1) D.O.A Cal Shad Tail - The smallest swimbait I will throw will be the standard D.O.A Cal Shad tail. I will rig it on a 1/4oz jig head and it will catch anything that swims. 

2) Tsunami Swimshad (4 Inches) -  The lure is 1oz and it helps to get the lure down a bit. 

3) SpoolTek 6 Inch Fatty Series - My favoriteis the spooltek 6inch fatty series. This lure is 1 1/2 oz and is quite unique. The spooltek has a concealed steel cable leader to prevent fray in the mono or fluorocarbon leader. This bait has produced many tarpon, snook and redfish.

4) SpoolTek 9 Inch -The biggest bait I will throw is the spooltek 9 inch stretch series. This lure is 2 oz and has the same style leader that the 6 inch has. Any fish that takes this bait will be massive. One of my good buddies caught a shark on the 9 inch spooltek and the leader held up great. Later that night we used it for snook fishing and caught a snook first cast.

Tackle I Use For Throwing Swimbaits

My dedicated swimbait equipment is a 9ft Tackle Industries XXH Mag Fast Casting rod with a Daiwa Lexa 400 HD, it is spooled with 300 yards of 50lb test bullbuster braid and I use 50-60lb mono to fish the heavier swimbaits and 30-40lb mono to fish the smaller lures.

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