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Summertime Fishing

Author: Arvids Gerulis

What I Usually Use To Fish The Tampa Area

This time of the year is a great time of the year to target Tarpon and Big Snook along the beach, pass, channels, and bridges. The Tarpon fishing is in full effect in the west coast of Florida and is only just the beginning of a great Tarpon season. A great place to catch these majestic fish is around Egmont Key and Boca Grande Pass. 

Tackle For Targeting Tarpon

To catch these fish I recommend a spinning reel in the 6000 size series or bigger with lots of line capacity and drag, you can also use a conventional setup if you like. The rod I recommend is in the 20-40 pound class and 8ft or longer to make long casts and have lots of backbone when fighting. The leader material should be 50-80 pound leader. I highly recommend Bullbuster which is great quality and affordable. The bait that I usually use is either pass crabs, blue crabs, or large greenbacks aka scaled sardines. The size of the hook should depend on the size of your bait you are using. Once you find the fish cast your bait in front of the school or drift with the current.

Tackle For Targeting Snook

 Another popular species to catch in the summertime is snook. This time of the year the snook are spawning off the beaches. They are in big numbers and i have seen multiple snook over 40" in the schools. You can target these fish either in the daytime in the beach and passes or at night. I usually use the same setup as Tarpon for snook but if water is clear and the fish are finiky i recommend dropping to 40-50 pound Bullbuster monofilament or flurocarbon leader. The bait i like to use for snook are pinfish, pigfish, greenbacks or large select live shrimp. You can also use artificial lures such as a flare hawk at night or morning to catch the big snook. 

 Hopefully this info can get you on the fish and be sure to check out Bullbuster for great fishing products. Also follow me on Instagram @arvidsgerulis for fishing content. Yeeeww.

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