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Summer Time Snook Fishing

Author: Logan Bergamo

Summertime Snook At Sebastian Inlet State Park

Sebastien Inlet Snook Fishing

Are you sitting around doing nothing over summer break, if so come down to Florida and visit the well known Sebastian Inlet State Park that know for Holding some of Florida biggest inshore fish. One of Sebastian summer time fish are snook due to breeding season they are waiting to be caught and released. 

What You Need To Catch Sebastien Summer Time Snook

To be honest with you it’s pretty simple. 


You are gonna need anywhere from an 4-6k size reel spool it up with 20-30lbs bull buster braid. Then find you an 8-9ft rod that you can throw shrimp/ mojarra on. Then you are also want to pick up some of bull busters 20-40lbs fluorocarbon leader you want an leader about 6-8ft long start of with 30 and your not hooking up down grade, if you are getting broken off up it to 40. Now for the hook you want to get an size 1-2 j hook and that’s prefect for using shrimp and mojarra( common little fish) you can either catch your own mojarra on the south side of the inlet or head up to whiteys bait and tackle and purchase some. 

Good luck snooking these summer hope to see you. One more important thing you are going to need a drop net( it’s an round circle net with a rope attach so you can land your fish) You can also buys those nets at whites bait and tackle located on A1a. Good luck and keep your lines tight

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