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Store Gulp Without A Mess

Author: Ryan Carson

How To Store Gulp Baits

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Just like a lot of people one of my go to baits when fluke fishing if gulp. Gulp is a great product that is sold in small zip lock bags or small plastic containers which is great until you break the initial seal. I find that once you break the seal on a pack of gulp that sometimes they leak even when you thought you had the bag or container completely sealed. This can be very frustrating especially if it was to leak in your car. Not only will it cause a sticky mess but you have a brand new air freshener in gulp scent for your car. I have found a few solutions that can help decrease the chances of a spill.

A Mason jar can make a great storage container for your gulp. It is big enough to hold enough gulp for your trip and is less likely to spill as long as you screw the cap on tight. I did find some downsides to using a mason jar such as if you drop them they can break which will lead to a bigger mess depending on how much gulp and gulp liquid you put in the mason jar. They are also a little heavier than I would want to be carrying in my bag when walking up and down the beach and wading in the back bays. If you are leaving them on a boat or kayak this isn’t as big of a deal. The main point that lead me to look for a different solution is the mouth of the jar. My hands don’t fit in the smaller mason jars making it hard to reach the last 3 inch white swimming mullet at the bottom of the jar.

A buddy showed me this product about a month ago and I was very impressed with it. I ordered 4 off of Amazon to use to store my gulp. The product is called Outdoor Products Watertight Box. It comes in a small box with an 840 ml capacity and also a larger size that has a 1.5 liter capacity. It comes in blue and orange for both sizes. I went with the orange 1.5 liter simply because it is currently marked down 66% right now and only cost $9.97 a piece. So far from what I’ve seen with the box it is great and I’ve included pictures( shown below) and a quick video (shown above) to show the size and water tight seal.

Here is the link to amazon-

This is the 1.5 liter container with 24 6 inch swimming mullets. you can probably fit 48 easily into one container or mix in other sizes and types of gulp. 

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