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Stick More Fish (Kayak Fishing Tips)

Author: Jaren Luke

Offshore Kayak Fishing In Hawaii

With the big game trolling season coming up, I am looking forward to the pelagic fish that come closer to shore for kayak fishing season as well. With the start of a new career last summer, I did not get a chance to fish as often as I like to. 

New Job
Just started my new job as a firefighter. I haven't had as much time to kayak fish but I love my job. (Above) is my first brush fire.

    However, it gave me much time to reflect on last season and think of things to improve on. One of the things that I learned is the way fish bite my bait. The three pelagic species that are targeted the most by kayak fishermen are ono (wahoo), mahimahi (dorado), and ahi (yellowfin tuna)

Ahi From My Kayak
Ahi are a blast from my kayak. They are the easiest to hook because they freight train the bait.

    For the Ono, I used to take many strikes that would cut my bait in half without hooking up. However I have learned that if I take a hit and the braided line goes slack, free-spool and wait for the fish to come back and swallow the front end of the bait after it has cut it in half.

Mahi From The Kayak

    For Mahi, once I take the hit I free-spool to let the Mahi turn the bait head first and swallow. Without that time to swallow the Mahi will spit the bait and you will be left with an empty hook.

Kayak Fishing For Mahi In Hawaii
Some nice mahi's my buddy and I caught from our kayaks.

   Ahi are the easiest and will come up and swallow the bait whole right from the get go. Keep these thoughts in mind when fishing for these fish and hopefully you will have less missed strikes out on the water. Aloha.

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