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Spool Your Reels With Braid When You Order It Online

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How To Spool Your Reels With Braid

The key to spooling a reel with braid, is getting it on there TIGHT!  Braid is exceptionally thin, especially when compared to mono.  If you don't spool it on tight, it will eat into itself when you put a lot of pressure on it.  This is very easy to prevent. 

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1) Spooling Your Braid From Home Without Any Tools 

You actually don't NEED any specialized tools to spool your braided fishing line from home (although they make it a heck of a lot easier and quicker).  Here's how you can spool your braid on well without any tools:

What You Need To Spool Your Reels With Braid Without Any Tools: 

       1) A 5 Gallon Bucket

        2) 2 Gallons Of Water In Your Bucket

        3) A Pair Of Gloves

How Its Done: 

Drop your spool into the bucket of water, put on your gloves and spool.  

w/ 2 People (recommended): Have one angler hold the line as it comes out of the bucket with his/her gloved hands and have the other person reel, and level wind (if you are spooling a conventional).

How To Spool Your Braid Using A Bucket & Two People

w/ 1 Person: Hold your gloved hand along the rod, wrapping your thumb and your index finger around the rod and put pressure on the braid as you reel with the other hand.  

If you can get a rod in a rod holder while you are doing this, it will make your job a lot easier, instead of gripping the rod and putting pressure, you can just grip and guide the line with your gloved hand  and your braid will be A LOT tighter on the spool.  

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2) Spooling Your Reels  With Braid From Home Or On Your Boat With Spooling Tools

Use A Suction Cup Line Spooler - This tool is great because it lets you spool braid on your reel reel without needing a second person.  Simply put it on your window or any smooth surface and it will apply the pressure to your braid automatically.  This tool works great for most braid spools 20-200Lb braid, although once you get to more than 500 yards of any braid over 80Lb, the spool won't fit, so you can either try the bucket method, or use other tools for these larger braids and bulk spools. 

Below is a video of the suction cup line spooler in action. 

Rod Holder Spooler - This spooling tool is made specifically for bulk spools of line.  If you need to spool bulk 1500 and 2500 yard spools of braid, simply put this in a rod holder, adjust the tension and get spooling.  

Spooling Braid On Your Reels In Your Garage W/ The Rod Holder Spooler

If you have a work bench like the one below. Stick a rod holder in it.  You can get one off of amazon.  Once you have a rod holder on 

3) Spooling Braid On Your Reel With A Spooling Machine

Tips When Spooling Braid With A Line Winding Machine -

1) Make sure your line is going on the reel tight! To do so use a glove on the spool its coming off of. 

2) When using a Bulk Spool of braid, go slower 1/2 - 3/4 speed.  Bulk braid is straight of the braider and is often not spooled as tightly as a smaller spool.  Don't get your line caught into itself before you get it on your reel.  Focus on getting it right, not on speed. 

Get A Spooling Machine For Your House

There are a number of spooling machine's on the market today.  Their prices range from $300- $4,000.  There is no question that they make spooling A LOT faster. 

Below are a few videos on the web of a number of different options you can go with.  

This machine put together by South Chatam Tackle is pretty cool because it replaces one of the most expensive parts of the machine with something we all have in our house, a drill.  

This is a good video by "Into The Blue Fishing" on how to spool braid onto a spinning reel.  He makes some good points that are applicable to all spooling machines

If you want to go all out and go with the top of the line big game spooler check out this HD140 from triangle sport. This is the top of the line in the industry for spooling braid on big game fishing reels. 

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