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Spool A Spinning Reel

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Spooling A Spinning Reel

If you are going to spool your reels at home you can use this guide to show you how to do it.  In this guide we show you how to spool your spinning reel as well as a few things to keep in mind when spooling your reel with monofilament fishing line, or braided fishing line. Each type of line is a little bit different and there are different factors to keep in mind. 

Spooling A Spinning Reel With Braided Fishing Line

When you spool a spinning reel with braided fishing line the number one factor that you need to keep in mind is the tension of the braid.  Inexperienced anglers often spool their braid on their reel too loosely causing it to eat into itself.  

How To Prevent Braid From Eating Into Itself

1) Make sure that you use a spooling tool to get your line properly tension-ed on your reel.  The more tension the better. 

2) Create a 10-20 yard section of monofilament backing on the bottom of your reel. 

Step By Step Spooling Procedures With Braid

Step 1)  Tie monofilament of the same Lb test braid you will spooling to your spool using a uni-knot.  

Step 2) Reel 10-20 yards of monofilament on your reel.  

Step 3) Cut Monofilament

Step 4) Put your braid in the spooling tool 

Step 5) Connect the spooling tool to a smooth surface and add proper tension. 

Step 6) Connect braid to mono backing using a double-uni knot

Step 7) Reel braid onto your spinning reel.

Step 8) Continue reeling until the line ends up on the ring on your spool. If you don't have a ring you will need to make a judgement call. 

*Tip For When To Stop Spooling - You are going to want to leave between 1/8-1/16th of an inch of visible spool. 

Spooling A Spinning Reel With Monofilament Fishing Line

When spooling a spinning reel with monofilament fishing line the most important thing to consider is memory.  Below we will give you some tips to reduce problems with memory on spinning reels as well as cover step by step what you need to do to spool your spinning reel with mono. 

Two Tips To Prevent Memory When Spooling Spinning Reels

Monofilament has a feature that braid does not have and that's memory.  Memory for monofilament is when the line keeps the form of the spool.  When you put monofilament line on a spinner 

1) Spool your spinning reels using bulk spools of monofilament.  In this way your mono won't have memory of spool with a smaller diameter then your reel (like a 1/4Lb spool). 

2) If you are fishing from a boat, let your line our from your reel as your boat moves forward, this should take out most of the twist in your monofilament fishing line. 

How To Spool A Spinning Reel With Monofilament Fishing Line

1) Tie your mono to your spool with a uni-knot

2) Place your mono spool into a spooling tool. 

3) Put the spooling tools suction cups on a smooth surface and adjust the tension. 

4) Reel monofilament onto your reel until is up to the marking on the spool, or if your reel does not have a marking for this purpose make sure the line is between 1/8 - 1/16 inch from the edge of the spool. 

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