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Spider Weights

Author: The Shark Boys

How To Make Your Own Spider Weights For Surf Fishing & Shark Fishing

With the crappy selection of weights available on the market today, bricks seemed to be the best idea for awhile. However theyre extremely annoying and it was nice to not have to carry an extra 20lbs  (SEE Making A Basic Weight For LBSF) out onto the sand every trip. After i started making spider weights il never go back to traditional pyramid or breakaway rigs. Spider weights hold even in heavy current, they rarely snag up, and the fish dont care about pulling them out of the sand when they pick up the bait. 

DIY Spider Weight

Materials For Your DIY Spider Weight

1) 3/4 copper tubing

2) 3/4 copper caps

3) #6-8 copper wire

4) lead

Tools Needed For Your DIY Spider Weight

1) Lead melting pot or hot plate

2) Drill and bit to match your copper wire

3) Pliers with wire cutter

4) Vice grips

Instructions For Your DIY Spider Weight

I start by making the weights basic design and finish with adding the lead. First i cut the copper tube into 6 inch sections. They serve as the body for the weight. The next step is to cut the copper wire into 12 inch sections and 4 inch sections. Drill four holes in the 3/4 cap to accommodate the "legs". bend the 12 inch sections in half and feed them through two opposing holes on the cap. After the cap has all four legs sticking through it push the cap onto the sections of copper tubing. Once this is done all that is left is to create the eyelet. This is done by bending a loop onto the short sections of copper wire. on the other end bend a cork screw shape that will wedge into the tube snugly so you can pour the lead around it. Melt the lead and carefully pour it in. once cooled you have a solid spider weight that weighs about one pound and will hold in very rough conditions. the copper wires will bend straight out once the bait gets picked up.

Finished Product Pics

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