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Spend More Time Fishing When Life Gets In The Way

Author: Bullbuster Team

10 Tips To Spend More Time Fishing When Life Gets In The Way:

Fishing is a passion, its an addiction, its something we love.  Its also something that not everyone understands. Many of us have family that do not fish, bosses that do not fish, significant others that do not fish. We also have periods in our lives were we fish a ton, every day every second we can, and then periods where we just can't seem to make it happen life seems to get in the way. We put together this article to help you tackle life without sacrificing too much fishing. 

1) Make sure you keep in touch with a few of your hardcore fishing buddies: 

Fishing Florida Keys Bridges

 You know your friends that get out everyday no matter what.  These are the guys who are gunna keep you fishing. They are out there GETTING IT all of the time. 

 They also know whats been going on and where the fish have been.  It doesn't matter how much you used to fish and how many fishing reports you've been reading. That can't replace real time knowledge of the conditions out there and how the fish have been feeding. 

2) Answer your hardcore fishing buddies calls even if you have had a bad day:

We don't care what has been happening in your life, how rough your day was, how many problems you need to solve. Answer your fishing buddies calls or eventually they will stop calling if you ALWAYS have something going on.  

3) When you have crazy deadlines at work, just do it, go fishing:

Shark Fishing Keys Bridge

  Fishing has amazing refreshing qualities, you don't have to explain this to anyone, it will show.  Go fishing and it will breathe new life into you.  If it hasn't, go fishing again!

4) Stock up on your gear and have it ready at all times: 

Fishing Garage

Don't miss out on that golden opportunity when you hear the bite is going off just because you are not prepared. The bite doesn't wait for you to run back to the tackle store because you forgot something you need. 

5) Make Sure You Plan Ahead & Do Some Thoughtful Things For Your Family:

Doing something special for each of your family members regularly can go a long way towards helping you spend more time fishing. 

Remember that tip on going fishing when about when shit hits the fan?

6) Significant Other Filtering

Before you start dating or more importantly tie the knot with a girl, let them know fishing is a priority in your life.  Regularly affirm this priority.  If they love you they will know that this is a priority in your life.  Or else. 

(If you read # 6 and you are a #girlwhofishes you probably have more options than you know what to do with). 

7) #5 Applies To Your Significant Other: 

This is one to get a hang of.  You can always go fishing, but this will make it a lot more pleasant. 

8) Share Your Knowledge:  

Wreck Permit

Share your fishing knowledge with others.  If you think that everything thing you know about fishing is all that there is to know, then you will never become a better fisherman.  Teaching other fishermen is a great way to learn more about fishing yourself.  It will also pay you back in the future when fishermen who you have mentored teach you a thing or two. 

9) Take Advantage Of Time Not Spent Fishing To Get Better:

Use times when you aren't fishing to study up on fishing techniques. Look back at your log book and learn patterns.  Get ready to be better even before you get back out on the water. 

10) Pay It Forward: 

This is the golden rule of spending more time fishing.  When you finally get to the point where you are fishing again, and when we mean fishing again, we mean spending 90% of your time fishing.  Make sure that you pay it forward to all those who have helped you spend more time fishing when their life gets in the way. Be that hardcore fishing buddy that is always calling to get them out fishing. 

* For Those Who Fish All Of The Time  

If you are reading this article and your thinking well hey this doesn't apply to me I fish everyday. We all have times when life gets in the way.  Store this article for your later use. 

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!


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