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Spanish Mackerel Secrets!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Spanish Mackerel Catch & Cook (From The Jetty)

Spanish Mackerel are generally a very easy fish to target for anglers and take a wide variety of lures. They love fast moving objects, both soft, hard, plastic, wood and metal. 

The other day while fishing the south jetty of Sebastian inlet, we noticed a ton of glass minnows getting busted by what appeared to be mackerel. Sure enough after watching the fish do backflips out of the water, we swapped our bluefish plugs on our longer stout rods, to shorter more finesse style rods. 

Spanish Mackerel

I love to match the hatch and if I see a bunch of glass minnows getting busted on then that is what I want my lure to resemble. Crappie jigs are a staple of any pier fishermen lure arsenal as they perfectly mimic a smaller profile bait such as a little sardine or glass minnow. The guys fishing next to us were throwing bigger surface plugs and even smaller buck-tail jigs, but these mackerel were keyed in on very small baits! We caught mackerel one after another, because we could effectively mimic a frantic little glass minnow getting busted by the mackerel. Its always a good idea to have a wide variety of different sized lures in your tackle box, especially for situations like this! 

We kept around 13 mackerel for a good Slovakian Fish dip that can be seen in the video above. The mackerel were caught on 20lb bullbuster braid and 20lb fluorocarbon.  Below the video starts at the recipe section. 

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