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South FL Summer Meat Fish Tournament Talk/Prep

Author: Mike Milewski

2020 South Florida KDW Schedule

It is almost that time of the year when Meat Fish Tournament season begins. I put together a consolidated list of events that are run out of Palm Beach, Boynton and Hillsborough inlet. By all means there are a number of additional tournaments that overlap with the below list. Some weekends it is very possible to have 4 different tournaments going on within the same weekend. Not to mention the TWT’s (Tournament within a Tournament). TWT’s can be Calcutta’s, SKA event (Southern Kingfish Association) or Angler Amory “fish what you want” contest.

2020 KDW Tournament Schedule

Tournament:                                                                                   Date:

OAPB KMT (SKA Division 10)                                                      2/29/2020

Pelagic Shamrock Shootout                                                       3/14/2020

Palm Beach Meat Mayhem (SKA Division 10)                         3/14/2020

SKA Nationals                                                                              4/17 & 18/2020

Boynton Beach Fire Fighters Tournament                              4/18/2020

FT Lauderdale Meat Mayhem (SKA Division 11)                    4/25/2020

Lantana Fishing Derby                                                                5/2/2020 

Grand Slam KDW                                                                          5/9/2020

Saltwater Shootout (SKA Division 11)                                       5/16/2020

Anglers For Soldiers KDW  (SKA Division 10)                           5/23/2020

KDW Classic (WPBFC)                                                                  5/30/2020

Saltwater Slam                                                                             6/13/2020

Lake Worth KDW                                                                         6/20/2020                                      

Big Dog Fat Cat KDW (SKA Division 10)                                   7/11/2020

Saltwater Showdown (SKA Division 11)                                  8/17/2020

Chase N Tailz KDW (SKA Division 10)                                      8/22/2020  

By getting involved in TWT’s it provides your team additional opportunities to complete. For our team we truly enjoy fishing the SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) in the Single Engine Division. Being able to compete against other teams that have a similar setup truly makes it fun and competitive.

Kingfish Dolphin Wahoo Tournament Schedule

What You Will Need For Fishing A KDW Tournament

If you are entering a tournament for the first time and a seasoned vet it is critical to do your homework and prep accordingly. Below is a quick list I run down every tournament/fishing day.

  • Bait-Live pre ordered & Dead
  • Rigs are all made in advance.
    • Stinger Rigs (all different sizes)
    • Ribbon Fish Rigs
    • Kite rigs ( Floro & Wire)
    • Ballyhoo Rigs (If Trolling)
    • Strip Rigs (If Trolling)
  • Fresh Bullbuster mono (30lb-) on all reels
  • Fresh Bullbuster Floro Carbon Leader (40lb)
  • All Drags set at Strike accordingly
  • Kites
  • Helium & balloons for light wind
  • Kite trident
  • Electric Kite Reel
  • Downriggers
  • Downrigger Weights
  • Live Bait Net
  • Fish Kill Bag
  • Dead bait bag
Kingfish Dolphin Wahoo Tournament Schedule

Preparation is essential to being successful during a tournament. Time is of the essence and some times that hot bite only last for a short period of time. Be able to reset or find something you need quickly will lead to more fish going to the box in the long run.

So start your prep work early, sign up, and slay it in 2020!!

Kingfish Dolphin Wahoo Tournament Schedule

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