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South FL KDW Tournaments And Advice To New Teams

Author: Mike Milewski

2019 South Florida KDW Tournaments

With KDW Tournament season kicking off in the next few weeks, I have been getting several questions about upcoming KDW tournaments in the Palm Beach area. I put together the below list of tournaments, dates, and website information were additional information can be found. These are not the only tournaments going on throughout the summer. These are just a few tournaments that been going on for a substantial number of years that I try to fish.

Being new to the tournament circuit can be very over whelming at first. Trying to fish and compete against the best teams in FL is extremely difficult. The best advise for new teams is to stay focused on smaller goals and accomplishments.  Remember most of the professional teams have been fishing these waters for a very long time. Knowledge is extremely crucial in locating the bite and will come over time. The more time and energy you and your team put in, the more fish you will catch. Remember not every trip you are going to end up with smokers or even fish in the box. Keep plugging away and enjoy the roller coaster ride of fishing!!

Below Is The 2019 KDW Tournament Schedule

So get there out work hard and get dialed In!!!  Thanks Bullbuster for making the best products to get out tournament fish in the box! Truly appreciate it! 

Tournament             Day                                                 Additional Information

Lantana Fishing Derby , 5/05/2019               

Grand Slam KDW , 5/11/2019                       

Saltwater Shootout,  5/11/2019                  

WPBFC KDW Classic, 6/01/2019        

Saltwater Slam, 6/08/2019                        

Dolphin Brawl ,6/15/2019         

Lake Worth KDW ,  6/22/2019         

Big Dog Fat Cat KDW ,7/14/2019                      

Saltwater Showdown , 8/17/2019              

Chase N Tailz KDW , 9/7/2019                         

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