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South FL Dolphin Fishing

Author: Mike Milewski

Dolphin fishing is heating up in South FL!! As we anticipate the fall run of dolphin it’s time to prepare!

First lets discuss some tackle needed. The below is a good check list you will need when venturing off shore to run and gun for dolphin.

  • 5-30 class trolling set up’s
  • 2-50W trolling set up’s (Planner/Lead deep baits)
  • 4 Spinner set up’s with pitch baits ready to go
  • Rigged Ballyhoo
  • Rigged Squid
  • Rigged Bonita Strips
  • live pilchards
  • Chum bucket (Cut up sardines & Squid)
  • Trolling lures
  • Vertical Jigs

Once you have all your prep done and loaded up, its time to run offshore. Now the most productive approach to get tight is to run and gun!! I would not spend time deploying the spread unless you see one of more on the below list. Not saying you can’t hook up blind trolling, but finding an area that holds bait increases your odds of getting tight.

  • Frigate Birds
  • Weed line
  • Rip
  • Temp Break
  • Color Change
  • Bait popping
  • Floating Debris

Good news you and crew are down and tight!! What to do next? Keep the boat moving and your spread out unless you need to get past a line. When one hits most likely there are more. Once you get your dolphin close, keep your eyes open for followers. We try and pitch a few baits out and capitalize on the action when possible. Once your dolphin/dolphins are in the box go ahead and circle back through that area. You never know!!  

If you see any type of floating debris it is extremely productive to start throwing out some chum and a few pitch baits to see what lurks below. Also a good idea in this situation is to bust out a vertical jig, since the fish might be a bit deeper than your eye can see. If you happen to get one to bite keep him on the line while pitching out baits to his buddies! A LIT up dolphin usual brings his curious friends to the boat as well.

Now get out there and catch some Dolphin!!!

As Always Thanks Bullbuster for making the best products on the market that keep us tight!!!  

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