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Author: Jalen Jackson

Crazy Fresh Water Fishing!

Hey guys today I'm coming with something new that some of y'all may have never tried and that my friends is carp fishing pay lake style. Here in the south its a big deal. Im sure most of your local lakes, canals, and rivers are filled with them so heres a simple bait recipe for you guys that has worked extremely good for me also i recommend a 8ft spinning rod (1-4oz lure weight) and 4000-6000 size reel and a sturdy rod holder. Grits is a great summer time bait for carp so here we go you're gonna need a 5 gallon bucket and 2lbs of instant grits, 1lb of quick grits, one 16oz bottle of clear karo syrup and two boxes of strawberry jello mix all the grits and jello in a bucket then add the entire bottle of syrup to it. it will be extremely sticky but mix it up well and allow it set up overnight. to use you grits you're gonna want to grab a hand full of grits and pack a ball about the size of a egg around your hook the syrup will melt creating a chum pile with your hook in the middle of it now for your hook bait i use corn puffs. And finally go fish wherever you have seen carp or find a waterway thats none to have them this style of fishing will also produce some very large catfish. where you have seen or know where your carp are at.


Carolina rig

weights depend on depth

Number 4 mosquito hook 

50lb braid to snell your hook make your leaders about 4 inches long

12-15lb mono main line

40lb swivel

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