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Some Things To Watch Out For When You Are Sailing Around The World

Author: Bullbuster Team

Potential Hazards At Sea For World Wide Sailors

There is no question that sailing around the world is something to aspire for. The level of freedom that comes with it along with all of the sights that you will see.  Understanding some of the perils out there can help you to become slightly more aware while out on the water.  

** There is no claim in this article for it to subsititute as boating safety advise.** 

Below are some videos about some mishaps that can happen when sailing. These videos are to give you some knowledge on how to deal with these situations if they do come up. 

Stopping Your Sailboat From Sinking 

Below is a video posted on the web by "Sailing Nahoa" that shows some of the sailing wrecks that they came across. They show you the sail drive which is an area that has risk of putting a lot of the water in the boat if you hit it. The video also covers some water proof sections of the boat.

He also talks about through hulls and pumps that you are required to have for boaters insurance

Security For Sailboats Moored 

This video posted on the web by Sailing Nahoa talks about some safety precautions that you can take while sailing.  They have a few items on board such as sensors that they keep, they talk about mace, and a fire extinguisher. Also about guns, and how different countries have different regulations about guns aboard boats, something to keep in mind and do your research on while traveling abroad. 

Below is another video by "" about sailing in the Philippines an area that pirates have been known to attack sailors. 

Here is a guide to avoiding pirates while sailing with a few tips. 

This LIVE PIRACY ATTACK MAP may be useful as well. Magazine is about fishing so if you are interested in this article, you may also like our guide to Fishing From A Sailboat 101

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