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Some Of My Favorite Fishing Related Books

Author: WetWillyBiz

Fishing Books That Have Inspired Me

Being a kid I always dreamed of adventure.  Having read The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway only stoked my passion for fishing.  Although I only fished for Trout and Carp at that point in my life I soon found myself on Cattle boats hunting Blue Fish off Long Island Sound and then the sky became the limit when I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast.  When I moved to San Diego from LA, Baja became a place I just had to be and so the addiction to Baja happened 20+ years ago.

New SOCAL Fishing Book

Recently I saw a post for Brandon Hayward’s book the So Cal Angler and I love his work especially the Bight magazine he publishes. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak it is a really good informative treat too. He is the guru of catching the elusive White Sea Bass out here on the West Coast; our largest version of a Croaker.  

But in seeing that post I thought I’d share some of my book titles that have helped me become a better angler, Captain, adventurer, explorer, naturalist and hopefully person. So please share your titles and let all of us know what you like, what helped to define you or what you would recommend. Steinbeck to Kira, Erle Stanley Gardner to Sunset Magazine Ray Cannon. Some of My fondest “memories” dreaming of fishing. So what is on your shelf? Please post. Tight lines!

Below Are A Few Shots Of My Fishing Book Collection

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