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Solid Braid Connections That We Have Put To The Test! FG And Alberto

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Best Knot For Connecting Braid To Fluorocarbon

1) starting off with the FG knot can be confusing and can take a while too mater for some! i have experimented with many knots over the years weather your tying on 3ft of leader line monofiliment or florocarbon or tying into a reel for a 300yrd top shot ect, hands down this knot/constriction of line too line has proven it self under heaver loads of pressure and not to mention it goes through just about any guides with no hang ups. i strongly encourage those who have not tried it for them selfs to go on youtube and watch a few different videos on this knot.

here is a picture of 150lb braid to 200lb mono before tightened down

and here is the same knot with some pressure applied.

after applying tension to the knot i usally in most cases will dab my tag end with glue so when your knot goes through your guides your uni over your half hitches does not ever come loose.

moving onto another go to knot if im really in a hurry and is still very strong!

2) the Alberto knot is another great way to connect braid to mono but not near as stream lined as the FG.  in the first picture below i tied it using 150 braid and 200lb mono so it can be seen better. this not works great for heavy and lighter lines and is very easy and fast too tie when practiced. this knot was done with six wraps down and 6 back up, your wraps will very from line strength.

here is another with 10 wraps.

last but not least here is the alberto conected to a double line, bimini twist.

for those that prefer to use a double line in certain situations and is a great but more time consuming knot to tie.

The over view of all the knots tied in this article.


tight lines from the ninja sharkers and we hope this article was helpful!

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