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Slow Bites, Bite Marks On Your Bait But No Fish. Meaning, Winter Is Here. What Do You Do When The Bites Are Slow? I Got 5 Tips That Can Help You Pass The Time. While You Wait On The Next BIG BITE.

Author: Prentice Pullins

  • 1. One of the things I like to do on the off season is to look over my rod, reels, and other tackle essentials. I oil my reels, check for rust spots, and saltwater corrosion. Saltwater can have some serious effects to your reels and other fishing gear. That why it is very important for you to wash your reels off with fresh water [meaning non salty water]. After ever use. Doing this will save you money and that fish you have on your hook. It could be a record breaking fish you loss. That’s not good. My reels are very important to me. No matter how many I have. I check each and everyone for build up from saltwater. Saltwater can really damage a reel and cause it to freeze, gears break, or just rust out. That’s a lot of $$$ to be wasting. Clean your reels. On and off fishing season.
  • 2. I love my rod and reels. I take great pride in my rods. I know they play a hugh part in my fishing arsenal. Check to make sure you don’t have any broken eyes, cracked eyes, or any abrasions on the eyes. This can cause you to loss the big one. If their is. replace them. Your local tackle shop should have tips replacements or see if the shop can replace them for you. Check your rod tips and the grip handle. Most importantly. Check the screw that houses the reel. Make sure it’s tight and ready to rock and roll.
  • 3. Is it time to check your fishing line? If, you have to ask. You should already do this after each time you go out. We as anglers tend to put our fishing line through some extreme workout. We can go full in depth with this topic later. Im save this for another day. Check your line for and nicks, cut, and abrasion. Replace if necessary. Make sure to use the guid shown on your reels if you don’t know how much line to use. 
  • 4. Junkie tackle box. Clean it. Trash what you have to trash. Check inventory. Whether you are on water or land. Prepping is our job. To make every fishing trip smooth as possible. 
  • Number 5. This is my thing. Finding new area to fish. Adventure out and try new thing. It’s 2021. I plan to travel. Catch fish I have never caught before. I tried King Mac and I loved it. I use Fish Rules to keep me updated on the rules, and regulation to see what fish is in season, and to record my catches. So, if you haven’t download Fish Rules yet. I encourage you to do so. Stay in the now. You will love it.  Im Prentice  and thanks for watching Breeze Life.TV #Ilovefishing #staybreezyfam #FlogFriday #beginningguideandtipsforfishing 

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