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Sheep Head

Author: Logan Bergamo

Are you trying to catch sheepshead around docks.. it is pretty simple for a reel you don’t need anything special 2000 size reel (battle, stradic, bg, penn) will work prefect I wouldn’t go any bigger than 6000 You are gonna want to buy some bull buster 20lbs braid spool your reel up. For a pole you want a shorter rod 6,6 - 7ft (star rods, penn rods, shimano, st.croix) I would not buy any thing expensive they are gonna get bet up.  For leader us bull-busters 20lbs fluorocarbon use a 10-12ft the long leader is used for sharp barnacles and you want to use lighter drag for less break offs you want tie your leader to braid if an FG/PR/DOUBLE UNI. For hooks use small bait hooks sheep heads have small mouths. For bait use live fiddler carbs or live sand fleas and our up for an challenge use barnacles they work really good. Once you get picked up let them eat for 5-10 seconds then just pick the rod tip up and your on.... Once you are fighting your fish keep your rod tip low and never lose tension if lose tension the hook will come out they have very tough mouth and as soon as you lose pressure the hook may fall out. Once you get them to the surface pull them straight up and down unless you have a net. An net is ideal you lose most fish trying to flip them. Once you landed the sheep head and it’s of size bleed them it takes away the fishy taste

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