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Shark Fishing From Jetty/Piers

Author: Logan Bergamo

If you are thinking about trying to fish for sharks off an jetty/pier here are some tips you are gonna want to get a big spinning reel (slammer/spinfisher 10500) and spool it’s with 65/80 lbs braid. Then your gonna want to get a 10-12ft surf rod 4-18oz class I prefer the ocean master 10ft 4-8oz paired with the slammer 10500. Alright now tackle you want to get some of bullbusters 200lbs mono leader you want about 8-10ft of that attach it to braid with an FG/PR knot after that is all done get some 14+  single strand wire I use about 2-4ft of that I attach the wire to my 200lbs mono with an 550lbs+  swivel  I use the uni knot to attach mono to swivel. Finally for the hook I use a catch all 16-20 o circle hook. After you get your bait of choice and cast out depending where you are fishing you want to let out 150-250 yards of line out. Make sure your drag is set pretty HIGH were you can’t pull line off by hand BUT DONT LOCK IT DOWN if you break off more than once either make a longer mono  leader or longer wire if you break off again loosen your drag an little bit. Once you get picked up count to 30 them raise your rod tip up close the bail and let the shark come right it’s self..

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