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Salt Water Fishing In The Florida Everglades

Author: Bullbuster Team

Bullbuster Community Everglades & Southern Gulf Of Mexico Master!

#BullbusterAmbassador Albert Acosta has been very active in the Bullbuster Community over the past year. In this time he has had many successful fishing trips to the everglades fishing not only in the back country buy venturing out into the Gulf Of Mexico to fish local wrecks. In these trips he has caught, snook, sea trout, tarpon, permit, cobia , sharks, Goliath grouper, and more!

In this article you will find a number of reports posted by Albert as well as tips and tricks from Albert and the web on how to be successful while salt water fishing in the glades. The video below shows Albert's go to rod and reel setups, what Lb test lines he uses, as well as his go to lures for the backcountry.   After watching this video scroll down to read his many reports to see that his advice comes from hundreds of hours on the water landing just about every species the everglades has to offer. 

Selection of Reels and Fishing Lines

Fishing the Florida Keys and backcountry can be very rewarding and exciting throughout the year but you have to have the correct rod/reel set ups matched with the correct fishing lines and tackle.  It's imperative that you pick the correct fishing lines to match the real that you are using in the type of fish that you're going to go after.  

When I fish the Florida Keys or backcountry Everglades national Park I primarily use a five rod and reel set up.

Quantum Cabo 40's

Best Spinning Reel To Fish The Backcountry In the everglades

I use Quantum Boca and Cabo 40s loaded with 30 pound Bullbuster braid. This will be ideal to target multiple species of fish like snookredfishtroutSpanish mackerelCobiaTrippletail, and small sharks. I have three of these set up with different lures or jigs ready to go at a moments notice.  I primarily use on these three rod and reel set ups Bullbuster 30 to 40 pound florocarbon fishing line . 

Penn Spin Fisher 7500

Spinning Reel For Tarpon Fishing In The Everglades

 From here we move up to my heavier gear which will be the Penn spin fisher 7500 loaded with 50 pound Bullbuster fishing line and I primarily use 50-80 pound flourocarbon on this set up. I will use this for large cobia, big permit, and big sharks or tarpon. 

Penn International 6 VS

Reel For Sharks & Goliaths In The Everglades

Then my heaviest gear set up is my Penn International 16 VS loaded with 100 pound Bullbuster mono. I use this set up for Goliath grouper and big sharks. This set up does not mess around strong reel, strong rod and very strong fishing line. Not to many fish escape it's clutches. From here we will go to my favorite lures, jigs and tackle for the backcountry. These favorite lures and tackle are my go to that I use to target all types of fish in the backcountry.

Below are a few of Albert's go to lures for fishing the back country. 

Fishing The Everglades For Snook & Sea Trout

It was the Miami Boat Show weeend and I usually go to it and look at all the new boats. Several years ago thats where I saw the Epic Epic 22SC bay boat. For the first time and went on to purchase her. So something told me not to go to the boat show and cheat on the Epic Tails with all those new fancy beautiful boats and take her out fishing. 

(Get A Tour Of The Epic Tails Here)
I got my wife and little son ready and out we went for a day of fishing in Everglades National Park. It was a beautiful  morning heading out to the fishing spots and I could not wait to start throwing the lines in the water. Once we arrived at the spot the water was beautiful and calm with the tide still flowing out to the Gulf. We had live shrimp that we had picked up nice and early and we were ready for some fishing action.  I had my Quantum Cabo's loaded with Bullbuster 30 lb Braid with 40 lb flourocarbon with a Monster 3X artificial shrimp and 1/2 jig head.

Below is a video of a nice sea trout landed in the Florida Everglades: 

We settled down in a spot and started throwing out baits and lures. It was not long before we were getting hits on the live shrimp and lures....nice seatrout. The seatrout were hitting everything we were throwin into the water. We were catching trout almost on every cast and they were getting bigger.  

Florida Everglades Sea Trout

 We were catching some real nice trout and my son Alex was on as well. He landed his trout and we started filling up the fish box. We love seatrout they are a very tasty fish and these trout were nice and fat. I started using the artificial shrimp and started catching bigger seatrout....they loved  that big artificial shrimp. I kept throwing that big shrimp knowing there were other fish in the area ....and I was right! A big hard hit and long run....I knew what it was a big snook.  
I fought the fish and she was fighting heard making some nice runs and head thrashing on the surface, I worked her closer to the boat praying that the Bullbuster 40lb floro would hold....and it did! I got her close and screamed for my son to net that big snook...and he did great! Snook was landed aboard the Epic Tails....she rewarded us for not cheating on her at the boat show....she's a great boat and she catches fish...we are together forever!

Gulf Of Mexico Shark Fishing Report

Hammerhead Shark On The Gulf Coast Of The Everglades

My name is Albert...and I'm a addict... a fishing addict! Yes I am ... they say the first step is to admit it... well there I admitted it... I love fishing... if I could I would fish every day. 🎣🐟😁 The last few weeks I've been heading out to the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico where the fishing in the summer is this weekend would not be any different.  Smooth As GlassThere's something about the warm scenic waters of the Gulf that calls me out there it like a magnetic attraction... but that's enough let's get to the fishing!

Good friends Mike and Jorge were ready for some action but the day started out rough with the bait store being out of live shrimp, both bait stores! I love using live shrimp out there... every thing out there eats shrimp. So we decided on getting a few dozen live pinfish and headed out. The ride out to our spots was smooth as glass and we couldn't wait to throw some baits in the water. It would not take long as we were working a beautiful bank with some great structure. There were logs and tree parts all over this area... great snook and redfish habitat as the tide was rolling out.

White Water Bay Everglades

Jorge was casting towards the bank and as he brought his jig in with a Gulp shrimp we saw a big swirl around his jig and then the drag screaming! Jorge was on to a nice snook and it was hell bent on getting away and made a dash for the shore loaded with logs! But it was not going to happen... Jorge put the breaks on that snook and worked him close to the boat. I grabbed the net and we scooped up the snook... it was a beauty!  After a few picks we placed the snook in the water and watched him swim away...not a bad way to start the morning!

Everglades National Park Snook

We kept working the shore looking for fish and we could see a few wakes swimming towards us... we were not sure what they were but we made our casts at the approaching fish. Within seconds our reels were screaming and line ripping out. Jorge and I were on....two big jack crevalle. We fought them for a while with both fish making some nice runs. The Bullbuster Fluorocarbonwas holding strong and we landed both fish. They were beautiful strong fish.  After a quick pic we let the Jack Wonder Twins go and they swam off into the dark water.

Everglades National Park Jacks

We kept fishing and as I reeled in my jig with swimming shad... BOOM a nasty hit right next to boat! What was this... I wasn't sure but it made a nice run. I fought the fish for about 10 min and was getting it close.... then we saw him... a nice lemon shark! The lemon shark hit a swimming shad type soft body!

Everglades Shark Fishing

 After releasing the lemon we headed out to different location in search of other fish. Once we arrived at new spot we decided to do some drifts. Mike set up his big spinner and attached some Bullbuster 40 lb fluoro and a live pinfish. As Mike was waiting for a hit I had a feeling something was coming... then BOOM! Mike was on ! Hard nasty run... we did not know what it was but it was running hard. After a good 15-20 min fight Mike was brining the beast closer... then Jorge got his eye on it.... he shouted it's a T Head, it's a T Head! I looked into the emerald waters and saw the beautiful powerful tan body of the Hammerhead shark. It was majestic... in my opinion one of the nicest looking sharks. It's not every day that you see or by any means hook and catch one

Everglades Shark Fishing

! As Mike brought the Hammerhead closer we prepared for the release. The fish was a Scalloped Hammerhead and we wanted to release it quickly as to not hurt her. We got a few pics and broke the leader off, then she went into the emerald Gulf waters. This was Mikes first Hammerhead shark and it was a beauty and caught with no steel wire! The Bullbuster fluorocarbon held fast! Here is link to short video clip of the Hammer and release.

The Hammerhead swam off and we were pumped! It was truly magnificent fish. We kept fishing a few more spots and caught some more jacks, runners and bonnetthead sharks. We had some nice action and Jorge finished off the day with a backcountry baby Bullshark.  Baby Bull SharkThe day was coming to an end and we headed back to the marina. We had a great day and caught some nice fish! I hope you enjoyed my article and it helps you catch more fish! Remember order your fishing lines at Fast delivery! Bullbuster helps you spend more time fishing!     

Gulf Of Mexico Fishing Report

Big Bull
 The weekend was getting near and the weather was looking great for another trip out to the Gulf of Mexico. The previous weekend was great, we had a lot of action and my son Willy and Nick wanted to fish. So I called my good friend Manny and told him to get ready.  It was Nick's birthday weekend and he wanted to catch a cobia! The previous weekend we had great action with sharks, jacks, and Goliath grouper so I was hoping it would still be great fishing.  We loaded up with bait and headed out really early out to the fishing grounds. It was super hot but the weather was looking really good, all we had to do was stay away from a few rain storms.  We started throwing out some baits, igs and also some lures looking for some hits. Nick was dying to catch a Cobia.... he had never caught one and I was going to do my best to try and make that birthday wish come true. It didn't take long and Nick was on with a nice fish on a live shrimp on a jig... could it happen... could this be his first cobia? It was running like a cobia, it was fighting like a cobia...before you know it... it was his first cobia.!! 

Nick was one happy guy... didn't matter how big it was ... he got his cobia. We kept fishing and hooked into some goliath grouper and sharks....the fishing was fast and furious the jacks wouldn't leave us alone as well as the blue runners. While the fishing was fast and hot I looked under the boat and could see a big dark ominous shadow... I had seen this before... it was HIM... Invictus the Goliath. I quickly grabbed my heavy rod/reel set up and put one of our big live baits on that we had been catching and saving just for him. 

Invictus The Goliath

He was hungry and did not waste time chasing the terrified bait. I hooked into the Goliath Grouper on my Penn International 16 VS with Bullbuster 100 lb mono. It was a viscous top water hit on the live bait. I fought him for about 45 min!!.... but it was not to be. He was to big and to strong of a fish. He made a powerful run straight for some structure and then I was doomed! 😩🎣🐟🔥 Those fish do not mess around. The Goliath Grouper,  in my opinion is pound for pound one of the hardest strongest fighting fish you can tangle with. You can see the viscous top water hit from this Goliath below: 

I love looking for and fighting these fish... they are big, mean hard fighters and landing one is so fun... you will never forget it! Everyone was getting into action. Manny threw a live shrimp and in a few minutes was on! A nasty long fast run... I could tell by the run what it was... there is something special about the run I'm talking about.... if you have ever hooked a nice permit then you know what I mean....he hooked one and now Manny was in a fight! Manny fought the permit hard and was getting it close to the boat... I had the net ready to scoop him up but it was not to be, the permit made one last hard run that would be his last.... a big bull shark had a permit sandwhich! Manny kept fishing throwing out small jigs with shrimp and was getting nice pompano hits! Pompano are great fish and taste great! Manny was landing pompano and loading up the fish box! 


After Manny landed some nice pompano we started getting hit after hit of bonnetthead sharks. There was a swarm of them, one after another. 


Many of them were really nice size and put up great fights. My son Willy was also into the action.

Bonnetthead Shark

After several bonnetthead sharks I decided to put out the big rod/reel Penn International 16 VS loaded with Bullbuster 100 lb mono and a big hook. I put a big live bait on and threw it behind the boat. In a few minutes the reel was singing loudly... I was on with something big... I knew it was a big angry hungry shark! The shark made a few long runs but it was to no avail he was coming in! The Bullbuster mono and florocarbon was making quick work of him. 

Big Bull Busted on Bullbuster 100 lb mono

As he got closer I could see how big he truly was... he was a beast bull shark and we caught him! Here is link to short video clip of us landing him and giving him a good pat on the back before releasing him.

It was getting late and we decided to go back closer to shore and look for some seatrout. We were out of shrimp so we started using artificials, they hit artificials better than the live bait sometimes. I use swimming shads, jigs, swimming plugs or Gulps on jig head.  We were getting some hits and we landed some keeper trout. 

Seatrout Action
Dinner Time!

The day was wrapping up and we headed back in to clean fish! I hope you enjoyed my article and it helps you catch more fish! Remember spend more time fishing and order your fishing lines at 

Gulf Of Mexico Fishing Report 

Everglades Area

Cobia on Bullbuster Braid and Floro

The weekend was getting near and I called my buddy Ruben and his son Ryan and told them it was time to head out to the Gulf of Mexico. I had a feeling the cobia, permit snook, sharks and Goliath grouper would be on fire this was hot and the weather was going to be nice. The night before I prepared all my rods, reels and gear ready for the next days adventure. I loaded the Bullbuster floro on all the reels. I use 40 pound Bullbuster florocarbon for the big cobias and permit. It helps prevent break offs when you hook up to a big one!  We headed out nice and early before 4 a.m. and picked up the bait and headed out to the fishing grounds it was a beautiful day and it was really hot.  Once we arrived at the fishing grounds we scouted out the area looking for cobia and didn't take long, Ruben made a cast and on the first hit he had a nice snook! He caught the snook on a live pinfish.... snook love pinfish! Pinfish on a small jig or free lined are deadly for snook and many other species of fish. Most fish would find it impossible to pass up eating one.


 We kept moving around fishing different areas until we finally found some cobia. The Cobia were going around the boat, they were looking for bait fish and anything else that was swimming in the water. We made a couple of casts and we were on to some nice cobia! 

Cobia on Artificial

 Ruben saw some cobia and made a cast... he was on! The best part of Ruben's cobia was that he caught it on an artificial swimming shad... it was awesome he made the cast the Cobia chased it down furiously and enhaled it! Cobia are aggressive feeders and will hit almost anything you throw at them. This was Rubens first cobia and he was one happy guy! 🤗🎣🐟  after Ruben landed the Cobia we had furious nonstop action that morning all the way to the early afternoon,  it was fish after fish...Cobia, sharks, jack crevalle, blue runners, and Goliath Grouper. Ruben and son Ryan hooked up to a nice jack crevalle...they made a nice hard runs and Ryan and Ruben fought the fish for a while and brought them to the boat and we got him them both into the net! They were beautiful jack crevalle and they are one of the hardest fighting fish you can mess with!

Big Jack Crevalle
Jack Crevalle

The fishing was intense for the rest of the day. We also had serous swarms of sharks bonnettheads, lemons, and sharpnose sharks attacking our baits. 

Bonnetthead Shark
Shark Swarm

I decided to do some drifts and soak some dead baits in the water and before you know it in a few minutes I was on!!! A powerful run... I could see the big Cobia hit the bait and jump out of the water! I was in a tough battle but luckily I was using my heavy Penn Spinfisher 7500 loaded with Bullbuster 50 pound braid with 40 pound floro.... this cobia was in major trouble....he messed with the wrong set up. All I had to do was land this fish before a big bull shark or hammerhead shark swallowed my cobia...It was a race against time! After about a 10 to 15 minute fight we got him to the boat and Ruben gaffed it perfectly! We had him...a beautiful hard fighting delicious cobia! We were going to eat good that night! 

Dinner Time

It was a great day and the fishing was non stop! We could not have asked for anything more. Great friends and great fishing.... almost forgot... and great dinner! I hope you enjoyed my article and this helps you catch more fish! 🎣🐟🐟🐟 Remember spend more time fishing and order your fishing lines at Fast delivery! I use Bullbuster Braid, mono, and fluorocarbon and I can tell you one thing, their fishing line is strong and it will help you land more big fish! Take care! P.S. Stay tuned for article on how I cook my cobia! One of my favorite fish to eat! 

(Check Out My Cobia Recipe Here)

Spring Gulf Of Mexico Fishing (Everglades)

Fighting Bull Shark

Spring is here in Florida and that means one thing...get your fishing gear ready! The winds were forecast to be light and I got the Epic Tails ready for battle. I called good friends Ryan and Ruben and told them to get ready we were going to Fishing Valhalla as we call it. It's a special place where the fish are plentiful and various species can be caught.... and where monsters roam..... Valhalla was waiting for us. I prepared all the rods and reels the night before that were loaded with Bullbuster 30, 50 lb braid and 100 lb mono. They were ready for a fight and a fight was coming. We stopped at local bait store and loaded up with live shrimp and pinfish and continued on our way to the Gulf of Mexico. The run out to the Gulf was beautiful and the sunrise was stunning.

We continued out to the Gulf until we reached the battlegrounds....we had arrived... Valhalla. After checking which way the current was moving we anchored and tossed our baits into the water. It did not take long and Ruben was on to a serious fish. The fish hit a small jig with shrimp and was running like a dragster. I knew what was next... the monsters... yes monsters. See some people think monsters are a fairy tail, folk talk, legends....but I assure you monsters are real and I have seen them... I have seen what they are capable of.... lol ok enough of the dramatics. The sharks were coming man the sharks were coming and they were not going to back down. As Ruben fought the strong fish I could tell what it was... it was a big permit.... the run a permit does is like no other. I told Ruben's to put the hammer down and tighten the drag and muscle that big permit in. As the fish got closer we finally laid our eyes on it... it was a majestic silver permit close to 30 lbs we estimated. The permit was close but he had a big bull shark on his tail. We tried to get him in but the bull got him....we were crushed...Valhalla had claimed its first victim. We kept fishing and weeding our way through the onslaught of jacks and blue runners. Ryan hooked up and landed several nice seatrout. 


We had steady action through the early part of the morning taking in some nice Seatrout and pompano. 

Pompano are delicious

We kept fishing and hooked up to some nice cobia in the 20-30 lb range but the bull sharks were not giving us a chance at landing them. As soon as we hooked one they would show up in a matter of seconds and claimed their bounty....we nicknamed them the Guardians of We lost several cobia to big bull sharks it was one of those days. We also landed some nice Spanish mackerel that were hitting hard and making some nice runs. 

Spanish Mack

Below is a video of a huge school of mackerel we found just outside of the Evergaldes in the gulf: 

We also had a several hookups with the monsters... we fought them on the Penn International 16 VS loaded with Bullbuster 100lb mono. We fought at least 4-5 of these beast but they were just to big and powerful that day and had hook rip out of them several times. 

Only luck with the sharks that day was a small lemon I landed on one of our smaller set ups.

Shark fishing

At one point we had the sharks all around the boat... they were in a frenzy eating everything in their path.... it's a scary place... no one can slip and fall in the water... that would be the end of you.... you won't have time to make it back into the boat. We kept fighting cobia and Ryan had an epic battle with a 20 pounder. The sharks were chasing it as we maneuvered the boat trying to scare the sharks away. The cobia was leaping out of the water and doing 360 flips in the air to save his life...he ran under the boat jumped on the other side 360 back the other way then did hairpin turns around the big bull sharks until he was  no more...he died a glorious death.... he is in Valhalla now....he is Legend. Short video of some of the action from that day attached here for you.

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!



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