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Salt Marsh Stripers

Author: Scotty Sevins

How to catch Striped Bass!

With miles and miles of salt marsh and sod banks it’s hard to sometimes find a starting point.  Upon first glance most of the banks look the same.  Choosing a starting point can be daunting.  Deep, shallow, time of day, tides it all comes in to play when trying to choose locations.  What is structure on a bank when they all the the same ? Small indents, points, places where the bank drops strait into the water you know there is a ledge underwater creating ambush points. Small feeder creeks as small as 18in across are enough to carry small crabs shrimp and Bait like a conveyer to bass waiting at the mouth. They have become trained on certain tide stages to post up waiting for their next easy meal to be brought to them without spending much energy chasing it. Certain bank contours will create even sometimes very subtle rip lines that will hold fish and should never be overlooked.  Sometimes it’s just slight variation in water flow and current make the a line productive or dead.  Cast placement is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Because a presentation moving a wrong direction through current will never get bit. Bait will always be getting washed with the current. Keep that in mind when choosing your cast.  Casting passed a point and working it past with the current Is sure to draw a strike. Next article will cover lure selection. 

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