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Resources For Shark Fishing From Land

Author: Bullbuster Team

Resources For Landbased Shark Fishing

Below are a number of resources about shark fishing, both on and elsewhere.  

Getting Started In The Landbased Shark Fishing World

This talks about how learning about shark fishing when you first get started. It also talks about how you should leave the beach and basic beach etiquette for shark fishing. 

Florida Shark Fishing Regulations

Florida now requires a shark fishing license.  This guide shows you how to go about getting this license. 

Landbased Shark Fishing Species Guide

This guide covers the basic species you will find when targeting sharks from shore. 

Landbased Shark Fishing History In Florida

The South Florida Shark club is the club that first got the founders of Bullbuster involved with shark fishing in Florida. 

How To Make A Landbased Shark Fishing Weight

How to make a basic weight for land-based shark fishing that will withstand big waves. 

Best Baits For Landbased Shark Fishing

This article covers some of the best baits for shark fishing from land. 

Facebook Groups Involved With Landbased Shark Fishing

Below are some prominent Facebook groups about shark fishing.  Use these groups to learn, ask questions, and post your shark fishing pictures. 

East Coast Shark Fishing

South Florida Shark Club

LBSF (Landbased Shark Fishing)

Surf Shark & Ray Fishing (California)

Australia East Coast Shark Fishing

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