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Researching A Trip To Do Some Big Game Fishing In Australia

Author: Bullbuster Team

Research For Big Game Fishing In Austraulia

Below are some of the best Youtube Videos on Big Game Fishing In Australia. The land of the Grander marlin.

Cairns Black Marlin Fishing

Below is a video put together by the CPBGA- Cairns Professional Big Game Fishing Association about fishing in Cairns Australia and some of the history of the fishery. 

Below are a few wild Youtube videos put together by Charter Boats and private boats fishing these areas. 

The video below was posted by "The Captain". 

The video below was posted by "IFishTV" where they are fishing aboard the "Calypso". It is pretty wild to see the sizes of the baits that the drag for these monsters. 

Australia also has some pretty wild fishing for Juvenile black marlin inshore. It pretty much looks like tarpon fishing in Florida.  Below is a video posted by "Brooksy". 

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