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Removing Old Fishing Line Fast

Author: Albert Acosta

Tool To Remove Old Fishing Line Off Fast

Removing old fishing mono or Braid from your reels can be a cumbersome and tedious chore. But not any more! Using the Bullbuster line removing tool is awesome! I used it recently to remove old line from my reels and it worked great!

Attach It To Your Drill - The tool attaches to your  battery powered tool just like a drill bit. Once you secure the tool to your drill you are ready to go. Open the bail of your reel and tie the line to the tool in the middle with a knot. You can have someone hold the rod as you power your drill to spin the line remover tool. The line will quickly come off the reel and loads onto the line remover tool. 

1) Start Drilling

Remove The Bolt On The Tool & Your Line Is Ready To Recycle - Once done you remove small bolt holding both pieces of tool together and remove the line to throw away. I made short video of myself using the Bullbuster line remover. Hope this article and short video help you and let's you spend more time fishing! 

2) Unscrew the Wingnut

3) Pull Your Line Off

4) Put Fresh Line On!

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