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Proper Crimping Technique

Author: Jaren Luke

Tips For Crimping With Aluminum Crimp Sleeves

In Hawaii, big game fishing is growing in popularity. These range from fishing methods such as big game trolling, pelagic kayak fishing, and big game surf casting. 

Through my personal fishing experiences and working at two of Hawaii’s most popular fishing stores, one of the most overlooked pieces of gear are the aluminum crimps used on monofilament and cable. Although it might seem like a basic skill, proper crimping technique is a very important task that can make or break you fishing trip. 

Crimp Sleeves
Using crimps properly can make or break your trip. Using proper crimping technique is important. Bullbuster makes matching your crimp easier by matching our crimps directly to specific lines at checkout.

It Is Important To Use The Right Size Crimp Sleeve

Sometimes it might take all day to get that highly anticipated strike only to bring up a cut leader from poor crimping technique. The important things to remember are proper size of the crimp, proper crimping tool, and proper crimping area. Depending on brand of leader material, line diameters are bigger or smaller. When the leader is through the crimp, there should not be much play. Ideally I want the crimp to be just big enough for my line to smoothly go through without fraying from the edge of the crimp. This allows the line to be crimped smoothly without any burs sticking out and a tighter crimp at the optimum pressure. 

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Another problem I have seen while working at a fishing store is the use of incorrect tools to crimp lines. There are two correct crimping tools that I have seen or heard of so far. They are the double crimp tool and the single crimp tool. The newer, more popular crimps and tools are the double crimp and double crimp tool. 

Regardless of the style of crimp, one of the biggest mistakes or misconceptions I have seen in the fishing retail business is crimping with regular pliers or wrong style of crimping tool. These incorrect tools do not have the capabilities to crimp the line at the optimum pressure and size to prevent slipping or weakening of the line. 

One problem I see with even experienced anglers is crimping line at the wrong area on the crimp. The crimp has very sharp edges that can easily cut monofilament line. The crimping area should not extend all the way to the edge of the crimp. They should be crimped leaving about 1/16” flare to the end. The finished crimp should look like a “Y” at each end. I hope this helps you on your next fishing trip!! Aloha.

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