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Process To Bring Your Dog To The Bahamas On Your Boat

Author: Mike Milewski

For many people it is important to bring your fury friend with you on vacation. Well the great news you can do just that when traveling to the Bahamas on your vessel. We have taken our dog Lexy to the Bahamas a few times now and she sure seems to have a lot of fun!

The easiest and best process we have found is to utilizing Wellington. He has a service called “Bahamas Pet Import Permits”. He is extremely responsive via email or text. He also provides status updates as well.

There are a few steps that you will need to accomplish prior to your trip.

1. Download & fill out the Bahamas Pet Import Application

2. Obtain a copy of your dogs HEALTH RECORDS/ SANITARY CERTIFICATES from your vet.

3. Email a copy of your Pet permit & Pets Health records to Wellington’s email address (

4. Pay the $57.00 for 1 pet.

5. Wellington will email you a copy of your stamped Bahamas Pet permit. This permit is good for 1 entry up to 1year.

6. Print a copy of the Bahamas Veterinary Examination Form

7. Have your vet sign the Bahamas Veterinary Examination Form 48hr prior to your arrival.

Forms For Customs:

1. Stamped Bahamas Pet permit

2.  Copy of your pets Health Records

3.  Signed Veterinary Examination Form

Supporting Documentation: (Right click & “Open Hyperlink on the below. You will be directed to the sites)

·   Click here to download the Bahamas Pet Import Application

·   Click here to download the Bahamas Pet Import Requirements

·   Check here to download the Bahamas Veterinary Examination Form IMP1(b) Also (confusingly) known as the Form AGR/VS/1A

Please note that a few breeds of dogs & cats are not allowed to be imported (even temporarily) into the Bahamas.

Wellington’s Contact Information:

Wellington’s Website: https://www.bahamaspetpermit.c...

Phone: +1-242-544-1698

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