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Preventing Cutoffs In Texas

Author: Jeff Reyes

Fishing With Floats off the Texas Shore                   

 Avoiding Texas Cutoffs

      Cutoffs can get pricey, even with BullBuster’s amazing prices. Getting cutoff causes you to lose your leaders, weights, top-shot, and sometimes even braid. Cutoffs happen due to several reasons, you could have fish such as Spanish Mackerel or small sharks swimming into your line, or your line rubbing on the sandbars. With the harsh Texas sandbars being covered with shells, you want to keep your line as high as possible. Floats are one way to keep your line up and off the sandbars.

Using Floats

       Floats are meant to keep your line off of the sandbars and prevent braid or mono from rubbing on anything that lays on the bottom like shells or glass that can fray or cut your line. There’s multiple ways to use floats. Depending on depth of area or how long the leader you running is. Since it is not too deep along the Texas beaches floats are pretty easy to use. The easiest way to use a float would be crimping a snap swivel to ten feet (or more depending on depth) of 400lb mono with the float crimped on the end.

            When you’re getting ready to kayak a bait the best thing to do is to throw your float section in the kayak so you won’t feel extra from the float dragging behind you. When you’re ready to drop the bait you want to drop the bait and weight first and clipping the snap swivel from the float section to the swivel that connects your mainline to the leader. 

                  Advantages of Using Floats

       Besides keeping your line high and above the sandbars floats allow you to retrieve leaders and weights if you do get cutoff. You simply paddle out to the float and retrieve the leader, if you decide you want to get your line back you simply paddle in find the end of the line and you just tie a simple Double-Uni (or splice of preference) on the line and reel it back in. Its best to only tie Double-Unis on braid, if you were cutoff on top shot I would just re-spool and tie on a fresh mono top shot.

Float used for Fishing around Sandbars

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