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Preparing For Sailfish Season

Author: Double Threat Charters (Alumni)

How To Prepare For Kite Fishing In South Florida

Sailfish Jumping

Kite fishing has become second nature to many South Florida fisherman. It may not seem as complex as it once was but kite fishing still demands ample preparation and execution. 

Tackle preparation is a big aspect of sailfishing. Coming up on the kite season, we like to have plenty of kite lines, leaders, and more. 

First and foremost, we like to respool all of our conventional reels and spinning tackle with fresh 20lb. We go with high-vis on the conventional reels and clear on the spinners. 

Next we like to rig kite lines. Our kite lines consist of 80 pound braidwith floss marks to hold the clips. The first mark is 130 feet from the kite and the next 2 marks are 75 feet apart. We like to have fresh kitelines on our primary kite reels in addition to our 2 back up kite reels. In addition, we like to have 2 additional back up kite lines. Braid kite lines aren't the only ones we employ, we also like to have monofilament kite lines ready for stormy days. Believe it or not, static can cut braid kite lines on rainy days. You won't believe it until you see it.

Last we like to rig plenty of kite leaders. Our leaders are typically 15 feet in length and have a loop on one end and a 6/0 circle hook on the other end. We like to put 50 leaders on each yoyo and rig 4 yoyo's to start the season. During the season I never like to leave the dock without 100 leaders. You never know when the bite will go off!

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