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Preparing For A 3 Day Trip Out Of San Diego

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This article puts together some of the best videos on the web on preparing for a 3 day trip targeting bluefin tuna out of San Diego. We will list some of the best videos on Youtube and some of the key takeaways from each video. 

Styles Of Fishing On A 3 Day Bluefin Tuna Trip

Fly Lining For Bluefin Tuna

This consists of letting a bait out to swim freely with no weight and little to no tension on it. On the East Coast of the United States this is known as free lining. However one of the main differences is that when fly lining you only let your bait swim out for a short period of time, and you control that swim with your fingers if fishing a conventional versus just sticking it in a rod holder. 

The video below posted on youtube by “SoCal Salty “ talks about fly lining. This video covers how to hook a bait as well as how to fish a bait using the fly line method. Most boats that you go on out of SOCAL will have a similar introduction to fishing on the way out. 

Sinker Rig Fishing For Bluefin Tuna

This consists of letting your live bait down with a sinker connected to your line to get it down to the depth that the fish are at. 

The video below posted on Youtube by “Benjie Kim Fishing” covers the sinker rig in detail. Everything from what the sinker rig is, how to rig it, and the technique involved with fishing the rig. 

Knife Jigging For Bluefin Tuna

This consists of vertical jigging a “Knife Jig” to up and down where the school of tuna is. 

Below is a video posted on Youtube by “SearcherSportfishing” talks about Knife Jigging, what jigs to use, the beefed up hooks to add to your rigs, and how to fish them. 

Tackle For Targeting Bluefin A 3 Day Trip

This video put together by ”Fish the Legend San Diego Sportfishing” talks about the two main setups that you will use when targeting bluefin tuna on a 3 day trip, mainly a daytime and a nighttime setup. 

This video takes place in the H&M landing tackle shop in San Diego. The day time set up they recommend is a 40Lb setup for daytime bluefin between 20 and 60Lbs.  They recommend between using 30Lb and 40LB fluorocarbon, although you can up it if you want to prevent chafing. Hook size they recommend having a variety of hook sizes keeping in mind the brand. They focus mainly on circle hooks recommending a size 2 - size 4. They mention a mustad 3/0 for sinker rigs. 

 For a night time setup they recommend a 100Lb setup, in the this video he shows their rental rod setup which is a Avet EX. They put a topshot of mono on top of the 100Lb braid so that they are easier to tie knots with.   He recommends a jig size 300-500gram. 

Processing Your Tuna After A Trip

This is something you may want to do yourself, especially if you are local. However, if you are flying in from another city to go fishing processing your fish is definitely the way to go, so that you can have it sent back home to you.  The video below put together by “Kevin Barnett” talks about the processing process and about how much it will cost including shipping it back to you. Keep in my these prices may have increased in recent years due to inflation, but it gives you a basic idea. 

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