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Prepare Yourself For The Big Hammer Challenge

Author: Bullbuster Team

"Remember the BHC is not a sprint, it is a marathon"

The Big Hammer Challenge (BHC) is the ultimate event for Florida Shark Fishermen.  This month long tournament tests not only your angling skill but your perseverance.  You need to fish hard the whole time but you also need to fish smart, remember that the BHC is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  Below are a few tips for making it through the Big Hammer Challenge .

1) Stock Up On Bait- You are going to need A LOT of bait for this month of fishing.  Get your freezer filled and make contacts in your local area that can supply you with bait when the baitfishing is slow.  Often times its better to get bait from charter boats then to catch it yourself.  This is not because you might not be a great bait fisherman, but it is because you need to conserve your energy. 

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2) Research Your Spots - Use any spare time to research your spots. During the 30 days of the tournament you will find that conditions are going to change, you need to be ready to make a move, sticking to the same spot is not always going to work.  If you do this you are betting on luck, luck is not going to win this tournament you are. 

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3) Learn How To Use Tides & Water Temperatures To Your Advantage - When people catch and post big sharks, make a note of the water temperature and conditions. Use this to your advantage for the future. 

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4) Go For Bulk - We are not just saying this because we are a fishing line company, you are going to need bulk lines to keep your reels fresh during the month.  Bullbuster was literally born out of fishing the BHC

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5) Be Respectful Of The Sport - This is one of the most important aspects of tournament fishing.  If you are going to fish a tournament respect the sport and respect your the other anglers.  

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Good luck in this years Big Hammer Challenge!

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