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Prepare For Next Season

Author: Ryan Carson

At some point every year it’s that sad time to realize another season is in the books. This doesn’t necessarily mean no more fishing but maybe switching species or type of fishing you are doing.

For those who don’t fish the winter months a lot like myself there are lots of things to get done to get ready for the spring run.

-       Servicing your reels- This can be done by yourself or you can take it to a shop to have it done. This is a great way to make sure your gear is in top shape and ready for the next season. (John at Betty and Nicks does a great job.) Address- 807 SW Central Ave, Seaside Park, NJ 08752 Phone number- 7327932708

-       Inspecting your gear- This can save you the frustration of losing an early season fish by taking the time to look over your gear.

o   Checking your line to make sure there are no nicks or worn spots.

o   Checking your guides to make sure there isn’t anything that could slice your line

o   Checking your split rings, hooks and swivels to make sure they aren’t rusted in any way.

-       Organizing your gear, tackle, plugs etc.- This is a great time to look over what you have. Not only will this help you get through the winter blues but it’ll help you be prepared for the following season.

o   Organizing plugs can often help to make sure you have everything you want for the following season. Personally I like to sort my plugs by color based on the conditions I’m fishing. This way I can tell if I’m missing a white pencil popper or a yellow glider. This is the prime time to replace what you may of lost to that world record fish that grabbed it or if you didn’t check the fact the your braid was wrapped around the tip of your rod. (A great place to get plugs from is from John Hudler of Scabelly plugs.)

o   Making sure you have all leader and line material stocked up so you don’t run out. The worst thing that could happen is to be spooled by a nice fish or break off a few times and not have back up line or leaders ready to go. I always have back up of both when I go fishing from land or the boat. Bullbuster has braid, fluro and mono at great prices! Use code Rcars for 10% off.

o   Just like having your line and leader material it is important to make sure you are stocked up on your other tackle such as swivels, hooks, weights etc.

o   For those who like to use rubber shads either for casting or trolling now is the time to make sure you are happy with the amount you have of each size and color. Joe Baggs Freedom Fish and Patriot Fish have great action and are proven to catch fish. (

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