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Planning A Private Long Range Fishing Trip In The Pacific

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This article is initial research for planning your own private long range fishing trip. It is recommended to hire professionals who have done such a voyage before, however you should still do your own research and educate yourself to the best of your ability. Below are some initial research topics related to these trips. 

International Boating Rules

List Of Islands

Customs & Permits

Supplies For A Long Range Yachting Trip

Long Range Boat Safety Equipment 

In this guide you will also find some linked research topics. 

Etiquette Aboard Super Yachts

Guide For Yachts Crossing The Atlantic & Pacific -This guide gives you helpful information about crossing the Atlantic & Pacific via yacth.  Some interesting points in this article: 

- Your boat should be a class A boat as defined by the International Marine Certification institute.  This basically means that your yacht has been certified for long ocean voyages and can handle the potential sea conditions of such a crossing. 

- Your fuel tanks should carry at least 1.5 times the amount of fuel for the crossing that you plan to do. 

- How long does it take to motor across the Atlantic or Pacific:   4-5 days for the Atlantic and 10-12 days for the Pacific. 

- Useful technology for such a crossing:  

      1) Water Maker

       2) Auto Pilot

       3) Power Generation (Generators)

       4) Freezers

Trade Winds May Influence Your Journey.

Where To Register Your Yacht-  There are many tax implications for where your boat is registered.  This guide covers many of these implications and names some of the best places to register your boat. 

List Of Points Of Interest: 

1) Hawaii 

2) Vanuatu 

3) Napari 

4) Kiribati

5) Jarvis Island 

6) Tokelau

7) American Samoa

8) Aka aka'

9) Wallace & Fatuna

10) Fiji

11) Port Villa

12) Sola

13) Lipe

14) Solaman Islands

15) Boganville Island

16) Papa New Guenea

17) Duan Island

18) Kupang

19) Sumba


21) Palembang

22) Maldives

23) Seychelles

24) Dar es Salaam

25) Madagascar

26) South Africa

27) Cape Verde

28) Virgin Islands 

29) Bahamas

30) Miami

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